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  1. Plan to send Russian drug addicts to labor camps slammed by experts

    14 April 2015
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    Russia's Federal Drug Control Service's proposal to revive Soviet-era work camps in order to treat drug addicts was met with skepticism by leading health researchers and activists, who said that the state's insistence in linking addiction with criminality perpetuates inefficient drug control practices. Viktor Ivanov, head of the Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN), said that 400,000 "ordinary" drug addicts serving prison terms had cost the justice and penitentiary systems more than 500 billion rubles ($10 million) during the last five years.

  2. El antimodelo brasileño

    • Luciana Boiteux
    31 January 2015

    Pese a que la denominada «guerra contra las drogas» ha dado escasos resultados y a menudo resulta contraproducente, Brasil sigue empeñado en esa vía.