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  1. Border Wars II thumbnail

    2016 sees more EU border militarisation, arms industry profits from refugee tragedy

    Transnational Institute (TNI), Stop Wapenhandel
    19 December 2016
    Press release

    The European Union’s investment in border security measures boomed in 2016, a new report reveals, with prominent arms and security firms being the main beneficiaries. The militarisation of EU’s borders has however come at a terrible human cost, with the highest ever recorded yearly death toll of over 4700 known deaths in the Mediterranean sea, as refugees are forced to resort to ever more dangerous routes to enter Europe.

  2. Land for the few Infographics

    • Timothé Feodoroff, Sylvia Kay
    05 December 2016

    A series of infographics that expose the massive concentration of land in Europe. Over the last decade, the EU has lost a third of all its small farms, 3% of its farms now own 52% of farm land, and land inequality has become worse than wealth inequality.

  3. Call to United Nations to take immediate action on the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines

    05 August 2016
    Press release

    Civil society groups from across the globe, including prominent human rights NGOs, have called on UN drug control authorities to urge an immediate stop to the extrajudicial killings of suspected drug offenders in the Philippines. Since 10th May 2016, more than 700 people have been killed by police and vigilantes in the Philippines for being suspected of using or dealing drugs, as a direct result of recently-elected President Duterte’s campaign to eradicate crime within six months.

  4. Nuevo informe ofrece estrategias para regular el cannabis de forma que se respete y modernice el derecho internacional

    16 June 2016
    Press release

    En un momento en que cada vez más jurisdicciones se están planteando si legalizar y regular el acceso al cannabis, y cómo hacerlo, las tensiones entre estas iniciativas y las obligaciones contraídas por los países en virtud de los tratados de control de drogas de la ONU van en aumento. Un informe pionero elaborado por una coalición de especialistas en materia jurídica y de políticas de drogas presenta estrategias para que los países que están estudiando enfoques normativos para el cannabis lo hagan de forma que las reformas internas estén en sintonía con sus obligaciones jurídicas internacionales.

  5. New Report Offers Strategies for Regulating Cannabis in Ways that Uphold and Modernize International Law

    16 June 2016
    Press release

    As an increasing number of jurisdictions consider whether and how to legalize and regulate access to cannabis, tensions are growing between these initiatives and countries’ obligations under the UN drug control conventions. A groundbreaking new report produced by a coalition of legal and drug policy experts offers strategies for countries exploring regulatory approaches to cannabis to do so in ways that ensure that their domestic reforms align with their international legal obligations.

  6. Leaked documents show five EU Member States attempting to institutionalise ISDS throughout Europe

    Niels Jongerius
    19 May 2016
    Press release

    In an astonishing move which ignores the opinion of millions of citizens who oppose ISDS, the governments of Austria, France, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands (AFFGN) have made a sly attempt to institutionalise ISDS throughout the European Union. According to a leaked non-paper, on the 7th April representatives of these five nations made a proposal to the EU Council’s Trade Policy Committee which would in effect create a plurilateral treaty based on foreign investment protection within the EU. A move which was suspiciously followed by publication of a similar proposal on Business Europe’s website in what appears to have been a coordinated action.

  7. Europese Commissie wil handelsverdrag Canada al in werking laten treden voordat Tweede Kamer erover besluit

    13 May 2016
    Press release

    Eurocommissaris Cecilia Malmström van Handel wil het vrijhandelsverdrag tussen de EU en Canada al in werking laten treden voordat de Tweede Kamer er over besluit, dat heeft zij vrijdag gezegd tijdens een persconferentie in Straatsburg. Greenpeace, Milieudefensie, foodwatch en TNI (Transnational Institute) roepen minister Lilianne Ploumen voor Buitenlandse Handel op daar niet mee akkoord te gaan en in juni geen handtekening te zetten onder het verdrag. 

  8. Peoples Mobilisations against Corporate Impunity & for Peoples Sovereignty convergence at the UN

    10 March 2016
    Press release

    The Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity & for Peoples Sovereignty, an international coalition of more than 200 organisations, social movements and networks convenes to a press conference Thursday 10th March 2016 12.30 pm Place des Nations, Geneva​

  9. Corporate vision of the future of food promoted at the UN

    15 February 2016
    Press release

    More than 100 civil society organizations raise alarm about FAO biotechnology meeting

  10. 115 organizaciones se dirigen a la consulta de la UE sobre energía renovable: Los biocombustibles destructivos y biomasa de madera deben quedar fuera de la Directiva de Energías Renovables

    10 February 2016
    Press release

    La campaña dice: las soluciones falsas al cambio climático dañan la tierra y el sustento de las comunidades en otros países, y no reducen las emisiones.

  11. Destructive biofuels and wood-based biomass out of next Renewable Energy Directive say 115 organisations to EU renewables consultation

    10 February 2016
    Press release

    Campaigners say: False solutions to climate change do not cut emissions but damage land and livelihoods in other countries