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  1. Nederlandse brievenbusfirma creëert ecologische ravage in Peru

    11 December 2015
    In the media

    One World - In het stroomgebied van de Pastaza in Peru, heeft oliebedrijf Pluspetrol volgens de inheemse bevolking door de jaren heen een ecologische en sociale ravage achter gelaten. 

  2. Making climate talks work

    03 December 2015
    In the media

    CNN Phillipines - On the eve of the Paris Climate Summit, more than half a million people around the world took to the streets for the Global Climate March. They called on leaders to scale up action on climate change to achieve full use of renewable energy, eliminate poverty and protect people from worsening climate conditions.

  3. Westerse oliebedrijven in conflict met inheemse bevolking Amazone

    27 November 2015
    In the media

    Noticias - Op 24 november organiseerde het Transnational Institute (TNI) een forum over de gevolgen van oliewinning in de Amazone voor de inheemse bevolking. Verschillende sprekers bespraken de cases van Pluspetrol in Peru en Chevron in Ecuador. Beide oliegiganten weigeren verantwoordelijkheid te nemen voor de schade die ze hebben aangericht aan mens en natuur.

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    A hard rain’s a gonna fall…….

    22 May 2013
    In the media

    Countries, such as Britain, Poland and South Africa are trying to introduce gas fracking, in the face of considerable popular opposition.

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    A Landmark Victory for Justice: Biowatch’s Battle with the South African State and Monsanto

    • David Fig, Rachel Wynberg
    07 May 2013

    Published by  Biowatch South Africa, this is a book about access to information, the right to know, and action in the public’s interest – a must-read for anyone campaigning for environmental or social justice.

  6. SA mining laws cause for concern

    Tony Carnie
    03 October 2012
    In the media

    Speaking at a recent conference in Iceland, David Fig of UCT questioned why SA remained trapped in an undemocratic industrial paradigm which gave primacy to its minerals and energy sector.