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  1. Una guerra inútil

    • Jorge Atilio Silva Iulianelli, Luiz Paulo Guanabara, Paulo Cesar Pontes Fraga, Tom Blickman
    09 November 2004
    Policy briefing

    Este número de Drogas y Conflicto describe el contexto de la violencia relacionada con las drogas en las áreas de cultivo de marihuana en el Nordeste de Brasil y en las favelas de Río.

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    What Does It Mean to Decriminalize Marijuana?

    • Pacula
    01 September 2004

    publicationThis paper provides a framework for understanding what decriminalization means within the broader context of depenalization. To illustrate these concepts, it provides a detailed discussion of a range of depenalization policies observed in developed countries, highlighting for each country a distinct issue that influences how the policy is implemented and its potential impact.

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    El cannabis y la Comisión de Estupefacientes

    Drugs and Democracy, Virginia Montañés Sánchez
    17 May 2004

    La sesión de marzo de este año en la Comisión de Estupefacientes (CND, siglas en inglés) finalizó con un ambicioso plan: calcular la producción de cannabis en el mundo.

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    The Limited Relevance of Drug Policy

    • Craig Reinarman, Peter Cohen, Sebastian Scholl , Hendrien L. Kaal
    01 May 2004

    Decriminalizing cannabis doesn't lead to more widespread use, according to a study comparing cannabis users in two similar cities with opposing cannabis policies — Amsterdam, the Netherlands (decriminalization), and San Francisco, California (criminalization). The study compared age at onset, regular and maximum use, frequency and quantity of use over time, intensity and duration of intoxication, career use patterns, and other drug use. No evidence was found to support claims that criminalization reduces use or that decriminalization increases use.

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