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    Cacerías por la tierra

    Gustavo Duch Guillot
    04 November 2014
    In the media

    En los últimos años la preocupación por la propiedad de la tierra agraria ha vuelto a lugares destacados de muchas agendas.

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    Que las tierras estén en nuestras manos

    Juan Carlos Sáiz
    31 July 2013
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    A muchos les extraña la nueva filosofía de la Política Agraria Común (PAC). Eso de dar subvenciones agrarias al propietario de la tierra y no al agricultor-arrendatario que la trabaja y que genera riqueza con ella (lo habitual en la Región de Murcia) descoloca a cualquiera. Parece un premio a rentistas que ejercen otras profesiones (regadío) y a latifundistas puros y duros (secano).

  3. The global resource grab

    Jun Borras, Maryann Manahan, Yao Graham
    30 June 2011

    Worsening climate change and the emergence of new economic powers is leading to a renewed scramble for resources, with negative consequences for many impoverished communities.

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    Water Grabbing

    Maryann Manahan
    30 June 2011

    With hedge funds making bids for melting glaciers, there is a danger at a time of multiple crises of a renewed push for commodification of water that will affect those who can't pay.

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    Putting people before profits: opening speech for EA4

    Susan George
    27 May 2010

    "The banks are ours!" Public money was used to bail out the banks, and now they are lending back to the public at interest, while governments ignore the social and environmental crises that confront society. It is time to demand real solutions that will work not only for the sake of the economy but for the lives and conditions of people on whom it depends.

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    Programme of the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal, May 2010

    13 May 2010

    Programme and background to Peoples' Tribunal on "Neoliberal Policies and European Transnational Corporations (TNCs) in Latin America and the Caribbean”.

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    Alternative Regionalisms News

    06 December 2008

    Alternative Regionalisms News (last updated in December 2008).