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  1. September 11th Didn't Change the World. September 12th Did

    Phyllis Bennis
    12 September 2011

    It wasn’t the events of September 11th that changed the world, but the events of September 12th and beyond, when the Bush administration took the world to war in response; that changed the world, and continues to threaten U.S. and global security, and shred U.S. democracy.

  2. The Obama Syndrome: New President, Same Mistakes - A Live Interview

    Tariq Ali
    11 October 2010

    Historian and critic Tariq Ali traces the continuity of errors between Bush and Obama in their Middle East and South Asia policy.

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    The greater middle east: Obama’s six problems

    Fred Halliday
    21 January 2009
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    Beyond “New Terrorism” – Local roots and the transnationalisation of ‘Islamist’ Violence

    Jochen Hippler
    11 August 2008
    Hippler in a research paper argues that "terrorism" attributed to Islam does not differ substantially from previous terrorist groups and obscures real political objectives.
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    US military toll in Iraq hits 4000 (video)

    Phyllis Bennis, Paul Jay
    26 March 2008
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    The Gaza wall comes tumbling down

    Phyllis Bennis
    01 February 2008
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    Islam and Europe: a debate in Amsterdam

    Fred Halliday
    09 October 2007
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    American Dream, Global Nightmare

    18 September 2007 - Event
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    Yemen: murder in Arabia Felix

    Fred Halliday
    13 July 2007
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    Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq: three crises

    Fred Halliday
    22 June 2007
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    Washington allows no good deed to go unpunished

    Saul Landau
    15 March 2007
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    The not-so-great interruption

    John Gittings
    02 February 2007
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    29 October 2006 - Event
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    The Saddam Hussein Death Sentence

    Richard Falk
    06 November 2006
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    Lurching Toward Regional War in the Middle East

    Richard Falk
    18 July 2006
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