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    Scepticism chic

    Darryl D'Monte
    29 September 2009
    In the media
    The Indian media’s approach to climate change the result of a tendency to follow the leader.
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    First Person: Bomb blasts and an ‘encounter’

    Mahtab Alam Delhi
    22 September 2009
    In the media
    It has been almost a year since police randomly picked up young Muslims from a Muslim ghetto in Delhi full of aspiring students and youngsters from small towns seeking a professional career.
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    High stakes India-Pakistan talks start slowly

    Aol Sharma
    01 March 2010
    In the media

    The foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan met in New Delhi on Thursday, restarting a dialogue halted by India after the November 2008 Mumbai attack, which was launched by militants in Pakistan.

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    Media veterans concerned with media “packages” to cover elections

    Mumtaz Alam Falahi
    17 November 2009
    In the media

    The role of the media: where do we go from here?