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  1. Caricom creates commission to study legalization of medical marijuana

    02 July 2014
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    The Caribbean trade bloc Caricom has created a commission to study whether the region's roughly 15 million people should be allowed to use medical marijuana and how courts should handle possession of small amounts of the drug. Leaders said that the commission is expected to submit reports by Caricom's next summit, scheduled for February 2016. A recent preliminary report from Caricom found that decriminalizing medical marijuana could help boost the region's economy. (See also: Opposition says Jamaica does not need Caricom ganja comm)

  2. Caribbean leaders form marijuana commission

    26 February 2015
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    Just days after Jamaica became the first Caribbean nation to decriminalize small portions of pot, leaders of the Caribbean Community agreed on the composition of a commission to examine marijuana legalization throughout their 15-member regional bloc.

  3. US president cautions against hopes of ganja legalisation

    10 April 2015
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    President Barack Obama cautioned persons who have hopes of marijuana being legalised, as he explained the difference between legalisation and decriminalisation.

  4. Ganja interests wary of internal business rivalry

    31 January 2015
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    Despite strong ministerial and legislative signals, segments of the marijuana lobby are unsure that sufficient protections will be afforded to the persons who currently supply the raw material. The challe

  5. Ganja decriminalisation: Three the hard way

    02 March 2015
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    February 24, 2015 was an especially emotional day for three of the stalwarts who have fought for the decriminalisation of ganja.

  6. Weed: Decriminalise to stabilise

    26 October 2013
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    Jamaica's current volatile security environment and its economic malaise are reasons enough to seriously consider joining their Latin American counterparts to debate a raft of new policy options, not only in rhetoric, but also through public policy. Our prison conditions and local magistrate courts are bursting at their seams from inmate overcrowding and case overloads for marijuana possession that amount to miniscule consumption levels.

  7. mark-golding

    Cabinet to consider changes to ganja laws

    06 October 2013
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    Justice Minister Mark Golding says international events and changes in the United States - the chief opponent of Jamaica's decriminalisation efforts over the years - make this the right time for lawmakers to consider changes. He said the recommendations which Cabinet will be asked to consider are standing on the shoulders of the recommendations of the National Commission on Ganja, chaired by the late Professor Barry Chevannes more than a decade ago.

  8. Gov't actively looking into reforming ganja law

    27 October 2013
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    Justice Minister Mark Golding has said consideration is being given to reforming the law relating to ganja in Jamaica to allow its use, but within certain parameters. Those boundaries include possession of marijuana for medical use, scientific research, religious purposes, and possession of small amounts of ganja (that is amounts of up to two ounces) for recreational use. It is also considering permitting the smoking of ganja in private places.

  9. mark-golding

    Justify the weed - Justice minister to make constitutional case for revising ganja law

    26 October 2013
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    With Jamaica's Ministry of Justice positioning itself to seek approval from Cabinet for the decriminalisation of marijuana, the justice minister Mark Golding said the country is to advance constitutional justification to its international partners for the revision of the law. Golding said the revised law would permit the possession of small amounts of ganja, about two ounces, for recreational use. The House of Representatives gave the nod to a motion calling for the decriminalisation of ganja.

  10. Follow Colorado on ganja

    Icaria Editorial
    07 November 2013
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    The sky hasn't fallen in either Colorado, Washington State or anywhere over the United States. And it won't in Jamaica. It is high time, therefore, that our Government end the procrastination and legalise marijuana, starting with the decriminalisation of the possession of small amounts by individuals for their personal use. Apart from the evidence that the world won't collapse from such a move, it might make good economic sense for Jamaica - as Colorado is showing.

  11. Jamaica lawmakers debate pot decriminalization

    23 September 2013
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    Lawmakers in Jamaica debated a proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use by adults, where many islanders are expressing weariness with current drug policy. There is no bill drafted or vote scheduled, however, and various government administrations have talked about the issue for decades.

  12. Most Jamaicans support ganja decriminalisation - study

    27 November 2013
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    A recent study has found that a majority of Jamaica’s population may be in support of relaxing the laws prohibiting the use of marijuana. The study, which was conducted by pollster Don Anderson, reveals that 55 per cent of those interviewed felt that the laws criminalising marijuana should be relaxed. Anderson notes that 55 per cent of respondents also believe that marijuana should be commercialised. (See also: Ganja Medicine: Local doctors approve patients' use of marijuana)

  13. raymond-pryce

    Lawmakers give nod to decriminalisation of ganja

    08 October 2013
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    Lawmakers in Jamaica gave the nod to Raymond Pryce's motion calling for the decriminalisation of ganja following two weeks of debate which saw members on the government side split on the issue. Despite sharp divisions among members of parliament on the issue, at the end of the debate, the motion was passed without dissent. (See also: Motion to decriminalise ganja passed in the House and Main recommendations of the 2011 National Commission on Ganja)

  14. Shame, classism still define ganja smoking

    31 August 2013
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    Advocates for the decriminalisation at a recent Gleaner Editors' Forum said it was unfortunate that the image of ganja users has remained the same for years, when usage cuts across all social classes. Long-time ganja advocate Paul Chang, chair of the Ganja Law Reform Coalition (GLRC) said there was still too much shame associated with ganja usage because there are too many misconceptions about the narcotic. (See also: Remove the ganja stigma)

  15. cannabis-cultivation-jamaica

    Gutless governments

    31 August 2013
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    Successive administrations are being accused of spinelessness in the pursuit of any venture aimed at legitimately utilising marijuana products in health and tourism to catapult Jamaica's limping economy forward. More than a decade ago, several far-reaching recommendations for the decriminalisation of the use of regulated quantities of the drug were presented by the National Commission on Ganja. Although the recommendations received the approval of the parliamentary committee, successive governments have failed to act on them.

  16. Ganja growers demand amnesty on weed arrests

    09 August 2014
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    A call has been made for the government to declare an amnesty on all arrests for the possession of under one pound of marijuana. The plea from the Ganja Future Growers Producers Association was made following the death of Mario Deane who was in the custody of the State. Deane was arrested and held at the Barnett Street police station lock-up in western Jamaica for possession of a marijuana spliff. While in custody, he was beaten and died in hospital a few days later.

  17. Nonsense to arrest for a spliff

    Icaria Editorial
    11 August 2014
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    The attorney general, Patrick Atkinson, must move with dispatch to determine, as the justice minister, Mark Golding, suggests, whether the police can proceed by issuing summonses to, rather than arresting, persons who are to be prosecuted for possession of small amounts of marijuana. The idea makes sense in the face of the Government's declared policy to decriminalise ganja use, but has added urgency following last week's death, apparently the result of a severe beating while in a Montego Bay police lock-up, of Mario Deane, who was arrested for a ganja cigarette. (See also: Ganja decision should not be based on votes)

  18. Jamaica poised to relax cannabis laws

    22 January 2015
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    The cabinet has approved a bill that would decriminalise possession of small amounts of cannabis and pave the way for a legal medical marijuana industry in Jamaica.

  19. Pro-ganja lobby endorses changes on eve of Senate debate

    28 January 2015
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    Professor Archibald McDonald called on the Jamaican Government to continue with the reforms and disregard apparent threats from US Government official William Brownfield cautioning the Government against breaching international drug treaties to which it is a signatory. "He is saying that Colorado, Washington DC and so on can go ahead and legalise ganja, but Jamaica signed those treaties and therefore cannot do the same. What a ridiculous argument," McDonald commented.

  20. Lowe wants public sector cooperation on ganja

    28 February 2015
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    Executive Chairman of Medicanja, Dr Henry Lowe, is urging a spirit of cooperation between government ministries and agencies involved in the development of Jamaica's ganja industry, following the passage of the Decriminalisation Bill.