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  1. Sentinels of Privilege and the Ressentiment of the Powerful

    • Kurt Shaw, Rita de Cácia Oenning da Silva
    27 April 2018

    Through the experience of working with kids from Brazil’s favelas (shanty-towns) telling their stories, two film-makers explore how the rise of the authoritarian right in Brazil is based on a deep fear by elites of social mobility and a desire to preserve their traditional privileges through both physical as well as political walls.

  2. Building social muscle to transform food systems

    • Zoe Brent
    12 April 2018

    Using local public policy to create social change: what does history tell us?

  3. Viktor Orban

    Lessons from the Political Economy of Authoritarian Capitalism in Hungary

    • Gábor Scheiring
    09 April 2018

    Hungary was once praised as an example of successful democratisation and EU integration, but now has joined the ranks of ‘liberal’ nations backsliding into authoritarianism. Many commentators blame Orbán and his anti-migrant, anti-EU populist rhetoric, but ignore the underlying causes in particular the failings of market reforms in the country, high unemployment, low wages, spiraling household debts, and a nationalist capitalist class resentful of the advantages given to their transnational capitalist competitors.

  4. Luchando por la sanidad pública

    • Desirée Enlund
    06 April 2018

    Las comunidades rurales de la provincia de Västernorrland, en el norte de Suecia, no están acostumbradas a ser protagonistas de la actualidad mediática, pero, en 2017, su lucha por acabar con los recortes en la atención de la maternidad y las urgencias médicas ocupó muchos titulares de la prensa nacional. ¿Qué lecciones pueden extraer de esta experiencia quienes luchan por construir contrapoderes en las áreas rurales del Norte Global?