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  1. Resisting water privatisation under austerity

    Satoko Kishimoto, Olivier Petitjean
    17 June 2014

    With important victories at the local, national and regional level, the Water Movement provides key lessons for the resistance against the privatization of public services in Europe. As the authors explain, "Referendums and other forms of popular consultation such as the European Citizens' Initiative have proved of strategic use in exposing undemocratic austerity policies."

  2. Flower seed

    Red Agua Pública/Public Water network


    La Red Agua Pública es un espacio que aglutina a diferentes movimientos sociales, instituciones y personas que promueven una visión del agua como bien común y servicio público.

  3. Satoko Kishimoto


    Satoko Kishimoto was an environmental activist and active in the youth environmental movement in Japan in the 1990s. She began working with TNI in 2003, at the time of 3rd World Water Forum held in Kyoto, Japan. TNI successfully organized a seminar on Alternatives to Water Privatisation, which was the starting point of the Water Justice Project. In 2005, the Reclaiming Public Water (RPW)...

  4. Lavinia Steinfort


    Lavinia Steinfort has a BA in anthropology and development sociology and an MA in human geography, "Conflicts, Identities and Territories". For her MA she went to Thessaloniki, Greece to research the communal performativity of the water, food and labour movements. At TNI she is focusing on public (service) alternatives, the potential of public finance, and the negotiations of the Trade in...