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  1. Report illustrates dynamics of Colombia's domestic drug trade

    Michael Lohmuller
    25 February 2015
    In the media

    A recent analysis on the relationship between local drug markets and violence and crime in Colombia illustrates the dynamics driving the domestic drug trade, and provides recommendations for comprehensive government interventions designed to result in long-lasting security improvements.

  2. Colombia Takes Step Towards Drug Decriminalization

    Elyssa Pachico
    01 September 2011
    In the media

    The rate of overcrowding in Colombia's prisons reached nearly 39 percent in 2009, much of it due to the excess number of small-time drug offenders, according to the WOLA and TNI report.

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    Free Trade and Workers’ Rights in Colombia: “Peace” the European Way

    21 January 2013
    In the media

    The EU spends ten times as much on subsidies to its producers than do their Colombian counterparts, and mainly produces dairy products such as whey, while Colombia’s chief export is simply milk.

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    Analysis: Colombia’s fight against the coca trade

    Obinna Anyadike
    28 August 2013
    In the media

    The Colombian government believes people should just say no to growing coca: those that do not, risk aerial spraying of their illicit crop with powerful pesticides, or manual destruction by work teams hired by private firms and supported by the security forces.

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    Colombia Given a Trade Lease

    David Cronin
    11 December 2008
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    Als ze Colombiaanse was had ze de kogel gekregen

    Merijn de Waal
    06 September 2007
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    EU behoudt Colombia als voorkeurspartner

    12 December 2008
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    Indigenous People Troubled by US Military Presence in Colombia

    Gustavo Capdevila
    14 August 2009
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