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    Crime and impunity

    01 March 2007
  2. The War on Drugs and Human Rights in the Philippines

    13 April 2017 - Event

    The Duterte administration has refused to address and investigate the steep rise in extra-judicial killings, perpetrated by both uniformed personnel and unidentified ‘vigilantes’, whose signature modes of execution belie official claims that the victims fought back.

    TNI is proud to welcome Budit in the Netherlands - he spent his youth here as a child refugee with his brother and political refugee parents and returned in his late teens to the Philippines and is now one of the inspiring leaders of a new coalition IDEFEND to counter-act the declining adherence to human rights and the rule of law.

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    Phyllis Bennis
    20 April 2002
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    Democratic deficit

    01 March 2007
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    Militarism News

    25 December 2008

    Militarism News (last updated in December 2008).

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    Making Enemies, Creating Conflict:

    • Zia Mian, Edited by Zia Mian, Iftikhar Ahmad
    31 May 2007
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    Outposts of Empire

    • Wilbert van der Zeijden, Sarah Irving, Oscar Reyes
    01 March 2007

     The year is 2007 AD. The globe is entirely occupied by US soldiers... well not entirely! Hundreds of local, national and international campaigns are holding out against the global apparatus of foreign military bases.

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    Testing the Limits

    • TNI/Institute for Policy Studies
    06 June 2007
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    Foreign Miliraty Bases

    13 September 2006
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    Asian Peace Mission to Iraq

    01 March 2003
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    Health hazards

    01 March 2007
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    The World says NO to Israeli Occupation!

    07 May 2007

    The inactivity of the international community regarding the splitting up of the Palestinian territories and the living conditions imposed by the Israeli military occupation cannot continue.

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    A new European century?

    • Eurotopia No. 2
    10 September 2007
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    Iran crisis

    08 February 2007
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    Sex crimes and prostitution

    01 March 2007
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    Zia Mian
    01 September 2007
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