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    El paco bajo la lupa

    • Transnational Institute (TNI)
    01 October 2006

    debate14sEste número de Drogas y Conflicto presenta dos investigaciones desarrolladas en en Buenos Aires y en Montevideo para buscar respuestas, aunque sean parciales, al origen y las características de la explosión en el consumo de pasta base de cocaína o "paco".

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    Beyond Punitive Prohibition

    • Melissa T. Aoyagi
    01 March 2006

    publicationThe primary objective of this paper is to evaluate whether the drug conventions permit states to experiment with alternatives to the punitive prohibitionist policies that have typified the global approach to combating the negative effects of personal drug use. Because harm minimization encompasses most policies providing alternatives to punitive prohibition, the analysis that follows will focus on comparing the two strategies, in an effort to frame the current debate on drug policy.

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    Legislating for Health and Human Rights

    01 January 2006

    model-lawThe widespread legal, social and political ramifications of the HIV/AIDS epidemic make it necessary to review and reform a broad range of laws. Some countries have adopted national HIV/AIDS laws, but these laws often ignore crucial policy issues, as well as human rights abuses that perpetuate the HIV epidemic. This is particularly true with respect to illegal drug use.

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