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  1. Withdrawal Symptoms in the Golden Triangle

    09 January 2009

    Drug control agencies have called the significant decline in opium production in Southeast Asia over the past decade a 'success story'. This report casts serious doubts on the claim noting that Southeast Asia suffers from a variety of 'withdrawal symptoms' that leave little reason for optimism.

  2. 10 años del programa Drogas y Democracia del TNI

    • Drugs and Democracy
    07 July 2008

    Este informe resume las lecciones aprendidas durante los últimos diez años por el programa Drogas y Democracia y defiende un modelo de fiscalización basado en el respeto de los derechos humanos.

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    Trouble in the Triangle

    • Martin Jelsma, Pietje Vervest, Tom Kramer
    22 July 2005

    A collection of ten papers that analyse the relationship between drugs and conflict in Burma and the consequences of the Burmese illicit drugs economy for neighbouring countries.