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    La tragedia de lo privado, el potencial de lo público

    • Hilary Wainwright
    27 August 2014

    Desde Sudáfrica a Brasil, pasando por Italia, los Estados Unidos, Uruguay, Grecia o Noruega, los consejos municipales están retomando el control de los servicios públicos. Y las comunidades también están luchando por hacerlos más democráticos y receptivos a las necesidades y los deseos de la ciudadanía.

  2. The Tragedy of The Private, The Potential of The Public

    • Hilary Wainwright
    24 March 2014

    From South Africa to Brazil, from Italy to the US, in Uruguay, Greece, Norway, the UK and in many other countries, municipal councils are taking services back under public control. Public Service workers and their fellow community members are not only defending public services but are also struggling to make them democratic and responsive to the people's needs and desires.

  3. Land Conflicts in Argentina

    • Zoe Brent
    16 December 2013
    Policy briefing

    In Argentina, the accumulation of new lands for expanding mining and large-scale agribusiness requires displacement of current occupants. However, peasant resistance is shaping to achieve far-reaching structural change.

  4. El fin de la democracia liberal

    • Edgardo Lander
    21 June 2013

    La época en que la democracia fue compatible con el capitalismo se está agotando y hemos entrado en el tiempo histórico del capitalismo post-democrático, basado en crecientes desigualdades.

  5. Privatizando Europa

    • Joseph Zacune
    08 May 2013

    Este documento de trabajo e infográfico presentan una panorámica de la ‘liquidación’ de servicios y bienes públicos en toda Europa, un proceso que está generando grandes ganancias para un puñado de transnacionales pero que suele toparse con la resistencia de la ciudadanía.

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    A Landmark Victory for Justice: Biowatch’s Battle with the South African State and Monsanto

    • David Fig, Rachel Wynberg
    07 May 2013

    Published by  Biowatch South Africa, this is a book about access to information, the right to know, and action in the public’s interest – a must-read for anyone campaigning for environmental or social justice.

  7. Privatising Europe

    • Joseph Zacune
    13 March 2013

    This working paper and infographic provide an overview of  a great ‘fire sale’ of public services and national assets across Europe that is providing profits for a few transnational companies but is often fiercely opposed by its citizens.

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    Ethnic Peace and Political Participation

    23 August 2012

    Ceasefires have been agreed; the NLD has elected representatives in the national legislatures; Western sanctions are being lifted; and the World Bank and other international agencies are returning to set up office in the country. Such developments are likely to have a defining impact on ethnic politics, which remains one of the central challenges facing the country today.

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    Crisis and alternatives

    • Achin Vanaik
    02 August 2012

    In the long term we have to transcend capitalism as it cannot ensure a decent livelihood for all nor is it compatible with preserving necessary ecological balances. In the short-term we must start out with basic social democratic demands.

  10. Counter-terrorism, ‘policy laundering’ and the FATF

    • Ben Hayes
    01 March 2012

    A lack of democratic control, oversight and accountability of the FATF has allowed for regulations that circumvent concerns about human rights, proportionality and effectiveness.

  11. ¿Un nuevo periodo histórico?

    • Edgardo Lander
    31 January 2012

    Ante la combinación de crisis que amenazan a la democracia y a la vida misma, hoy vivimos extraordinarias movilizaciones en todo el mundo, expresión de la resistencia popular y la lucha por otro mundo posible.

  12. Desafiando al imperio (ebook)

    • Phyllis Bennis
    24 February 2011

    En este libro electrónico gratuito, Phyllis Bennis analiza el auge del unilateralismo estadounidense y la doctrina de la guerra preventiva, centrándose especialmente en los casos de Iraq e Israel/Palestina, y examina los retos y las oportunidades para reivindicar las Naciones Unidas como parte del movimiento mundial por la paz.

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    Converging Crises: Reality, Fear and Hope

    • Susan George
    10 May 2010

    The term crisis implies a short lived period of uncertainty - suggesting there is something temporary or anomalous about the current state of the global economy. On the contrary, our global economy, from the financial clouds (or bubbles) to the real roots - where men and women work, live and survive - is suffering from systemic flaws based on an ever expanding void between rich and poor.


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    Civil Society in European-Chinese Relations

    21 January 2010

    In the context of the current state of European-Chinese relations and the limited influence of European NGOs on EU policies, this book discusses the challenges and dilemmas of co-operation between European and Chinese civil society organisations.

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    Reclaim the State: Experiments in Popular Democracy (Seagull, 2009)

    • Hilary Wainwright
    27 October 2009

    Reclaim the State sets out on a journey from Brazil to Britain to discover how people are creating new, stronger forms of democracy. The book shows that the foundations for new political directions for deepening democracy already exist, and provides imaginative and practical tools for building on them.

  16. Luchando por la vida

    • Philipp Terhorst, Beverly Bell, Jeff Conant, Marcela Olivera, Crossley Pinkstaff
    24 August 2009

    Una serie de breves entrevistas con doce activistas por el derecho al agua de América Latina, así como las declaraciones de un encuentro histórico celebrado en la ciudad boliviana de Cochabamba.

  17. Bases militares extranjeras y la campaña mundial para cerrarlas

    • Wilbert van der Zeijden
    24 July 2009

    En el mundo hay más de mil bases militares extranjeras que se han convertido en la infraestructura necesaria para mantener una serie de guerras imperiales. Sus graves repercusiones sociales y medioambientales generan una creciente resistencia.

  18. Asociaciones público-públicas (PUP) para el suministro de agua

    • Satoko Kishimoto, Philipp Terhorst, David Hall, Emanuele Lobina, et. al.
    23 July 2009

    A pesar de las tendencias proprivatizadoras, cada vez hay más compañías de agua del sector público que se agrupan para ayudar a otras a desarrollar capacidades para convertirse en un servicio público eficaz y responsable. Estas uniones de apoyo se llaman “asociaciones público-públicas”.

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    Foreign Military Bases and the Global Campaign to close them

    • Wilbert van der Zeijden
    21 July 2009
    There are more than a thousand foreign military bases worldwide which have become the infrastructure for imperial wars and have severe social and environmental impacts locally that have prompted growing resistance.
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    Civic Driven Change - A concise guide to the basics

    • Kees Biekart, Alan Fowler
    26 April 2009
    This short booklet introduces new ideas about how civil society is taking charge in guiding development by taking key roles in society to respond to the most pressing issues the world faces such as poverty, injustice, conflict and environmental degradation.