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  1. Sebastián Torres


    Sebastián is a Uruguayan political economist with over 15 years of experience in public policy, agro-industrial development strategies and prospective studies....

  2. Dirk J. Korf

  3. Frank Zobel

  4. Reporte bimensual sobre política de drogas en Colombia, en el ámbito de la producción

    Observatorio de Cultivos y Cultivadores Declarados Illícitos
    17 August 2017
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    Comunidades de Guaviare, Meta, Caquetá y Cauca se opusieron a erradicación forzada de Ministerio de Defensa y chocaron con las tropas oficiales.

  5. Estados Unidos y su propio problema de drogas

    Ricardo Vargas
    15 August 2017
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    La idea de responsabilizar a los países productores (y que Pence seguramente viene a repetir), está tomando fuerza en Estados Unidos y nos haría volver a la mano dura. Pero las estadísticas indican que el quid de la cuestión hay que buscarlo allá. 

  6. Martin Smith

  7. TNI dandelion

    Oliver Russell

  8. Flower seed

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  9. Flower seed

    Steve Graham

    Professor of Cities and Society, Newcastle University
  10. Call for Applications: Young Researchers Program ‘Linking the food sovereignty debates’

    Timothé Feodoroff
    07 September 2016
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    Applications are invited for the Young Researchers Program, a mentorship programme, offered by the Hands On the Land Alliance (HOTL) together with Transnational Institute, FIAN International and Friends of the Earth International. This programme enables young engaged scholars and activists to strengthen their capacities around understanding food sovereignty and the human right to food, including opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, benefiting from the experience of mentors, and the opportunity to attend two main events as part of the research process.

  11. Flower seed

    Kareem Faraj

  12. Flower seed

    Helen Jarvis

  13. Renato Cinco


    Renato “Cinco” Athayde Silva was elected to the City Council of Rio de Janeiro in 2012 as a member of PSOL, a Brazilian left-wing party created in 2004 in opposition to liberal measures taken by the Lula government. Born in Rio in 1974 and trained as a sociologist, Renato Cinco is Vice-President of the Commission on the Defense of Human Rights at the City Council and now chairs the city's...

  14. Mark Akkerman


    Mark Akkerman is a researcher at Stop Wapenhandel (Dutch Campaign Against Arms Trade) and is actively involved in TNI's research on border militarisation. He has also written and campaigned on topics as arms exports to the Middle East, the private military and security sector, greenwashing arms trade and the militarisation of climate change responses.