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    Leah Temper

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    Courtney Work

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    Arnim Scheidel

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    Khu Khu Ju

  5. Lahpai Seng Raw


    Lahpai Seng Raw is a 2013 Ramon Magsaysay Award winner and co-founder of the Metta Development Foundation and Airavati. She was also a delegate at the 21st Century Panglong Conferences in 2016 and 2017.

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    Menno Grootveld

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    Deborah Eade

  9. Harris Gleckman


    Harris Gleckman is a senior fellow at the Center for Governance and Sustainability at the University of Massachusetts Boston and Director of Benchmark Environmental Consulting. Gleckman has a PhD in Sociology from Brandeis University. He was a staff member of the UN Centre on Transnational Corporations, head of the NY office of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and an...

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    Elaine Coburn


    Elaine Coburn is a sociologist, currently a researcher at the Centre d’analyse et d’intevention sociologiques (CADIS)-Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and assistant professor at the American University of Paris in France. Coburn has written about transformations in world capitalism and social movement challenges to neoliberalism. She is the editor of the (2015) book More Will Sing...

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    Angela Wigger

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    Tom George


    Tom George has recently completed an MSc in Sociology at the University of Bristol (UK) including an extended study on precarity and resistance. Tom also lends his professional skills in research and evaluation to activist campaigns and grass-roots community building.

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    John Postill


    John Postill (PhD, UCL) is Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University, Melbourne, and Digital Anthropology Fellow at University College London (UCL). He specialises in the anthropological study of media and socio-political change, and has conducted fieldwork in Malaysia, Indonesia and Spain.

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    Pallav Das


    Pallav Das has pursued a twin-track career in environmental conservation and creative communications. He has designed and launched innovative campaigns, and founded and led private and non-profit organisations, including Kalpavriksh. Pallav has documented some of India’s most pressing development challenges through his film work, including films on violence against women and the threat of HIV...

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    Ashish Kothari


    Ashish Kothari is a founding member of Kalpavriksh (www., an Indian environmental action group, and has been part of several popular movements for ecological and social justice. He helps coordinate an Indian network on development alternatives, Vikalp Sangam (, and international dialogue and networking on Radical Ecological Democracy (http:/...

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    Yanis Varoufakis


    Yanis Varoufakis is an academic economist and was Greece’s Minister of Finance for seven months in 2015. He voted against the terms of the Troika-imposed 3rd Greek bailout agreement in August 2015. He is currently involved in launching a Democracy in Europe movement. Author of many books and texts on the financial crisis, economics and game theory, he is the author of the forthcoming “And the...