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  1. Access to land for farmers in the EU

    Access to land for farmers in the EU

    07 December 2016 - Event

    In Europe, land speculation and land concentration are an increasing threat to small and medium sized family farms and new entrants. Soaring land prices make it increasingly difficult for farmers to have access to land. In the meantime, investors are buying up enormous pieces of land, sometimes using legal loopholes. Land is increasingly becoming a globally tradable commodity and an object of financial speculation. Examples such as Scotland and Andalusia, where arable land, pastures and forests are highly concentrated since centuries, show the negative effects for sustainable rural development and societies as a whole.

  2. Asia-Europe Peoples' AEPF10 Forum

    10 October 2014 - Event
  3. To Euro or not to Euro?

    22 October 2012 - Event
  4. Premiere "The Brussels Business"

    02 September 2012 - Event
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    The European Union and the Global Land Grab

    29 June 2012
    Policy briefing

    This fact sheet highlights the involvement of the EU in the global land grab, both directly through the involvement of European capital and corporations in the acquisition of land and indirectly through EU policies that commodify land.

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    Second Spring Social Conference

    29 March 2012 - Event
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    Taking on the Technocrats

    17 February 2012 - Event
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    Is Development Aid Nonsense?

    04 June 2010 - Event