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    China’s Rise and its Increasing Role in Asia

    Edited by Dorothy-Grace Guerrero
    25 May 2007
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    The post-Washington dissensus

    Walden Bello
    17 September 2007
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    Fix the crisis, not the bank’s profits!

    European Cross-Sectoral Network on the combined crises
    13 May 2009
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    Oil boom... and bust?

    Oscar Reyes
    23 May 2008
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    The global economic crisis: An historic opportunity for transformation

    15 October 2008
    An initial response from individuals, social movements and non-governmental organisations in support of a transitional programme for radical economic transformation
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    Les limites du pouvoir des contre-pouvoirs

    Susan George
    01 February 2008
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    Socialism for bourgeoisie

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    09 April 2009
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    Globalisation and war

    Susan George
    10 March 2008
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    Personnel shortage

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    27 August 2009
    The triumph of liberal ideas turned Eastern Europe into an intellectual desert where only ethnic nationalism weeds sometimes flourished. The positive influence of the economic crisis upon the society is that the crisis makes people think and be open to other ideas.
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    "Die Kirchen wissen, dass das Böse existiert"

    Susan George
    08 June 2007

    Der Weltwirtschaftsgipfel ist ein undemokratisches Treffen neoliberaler Regierungschefs, sagt Susan George. Beim Anti-G8-Protest setzt sie auch auf die Kirchen. Die bräuchten zwar lange, um eine Idee zu verstehen, dann aber seien sie hartnäckig

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    How to manufacture a global food crisis: lessons from the World Bank, IMF, and WTO

    Walden Bello
    16 May 2008
    The global rise in food prices is not only a consequence of using food crops to produce biofuels, but of the "free trade" policies promoted by international financial institutions. Now peasant organisations are leading the opposition to a capitalist industrial agriculture.
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    The Political Demand for Change

    Susan George
    27 February 1995
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    TNCs: Employment is Not the Point

    Susan George
    01 February 1999
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    The Coming Capitalist Consensus

    Walden Bello
    27 December 2008
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    Going deeper into a new financial architecture

    Marcos Arruda
    09 March 2009
    We need more than tinkering with banking systems. We need a radical solution to global financial mayhem.
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    Democracy at the Barricades

    Susan George
    01 August 2001