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    Obama's rescue plan is doomed to fail

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    22 January 2009
  2. Food Wars

    Walden Bello, Mara Baviera
    08 July 2009

    In 2006–08, food shortages became a global reality, with the prices of commodities spiraling beyond the reach of vast numbers of people. International agencies were caught flatfooted, with the World Food Program warning that its rapidly diminishing food stocks might not be able to deal with the emergency.

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    The Unknown War

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    02 April 2009
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    Warring species

    Susan George
    17 June 2000
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    An opportunity to put radical options on the table?

    Barry K Gills
    02 October 2008
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    How to spend the honeymoon

    Walden Bello
    08 November 2008
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  9. Love Profit - poster

    Winning the War of Ideas

    Susan George
    01 July 1997
    The success of neoliberalism is not just a result of economic and political forces, but also because the right has understood the importance of cultural hegemony - something the left has yet to learn.
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    Why is the UN ignoring the financial crisis?

    25 June 2009
    UN conference was convened to find new ways of dealing with the global financial and economic crises and give voice to those most affected by them. But the rich countries have opposed any real change, and the result is an anemic UN document.
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    Another World Is Possible

    Susan George
    01 November 2001
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    Globalisation and war

    Susan George
    10 March 2008
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    Stabilisation is worse than depression

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    04 June 2009
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    Dominant tendencies of our days. Is our time running out?

    Edgardo Lander
    01 January 2007
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    "Free Trade” talks are not the solution to the economic crisis: “Free Trade” is one of the principal causes

    Press Release
    24 June 2009

    Civil society groups and global social movements gathering at the UN summit on the global economic crisis have denounced rich industrialized countries’ insistence on pushing forward unbalanced trade talks, misnamed “free trade”, as likely to exacerbate an already serious economic and social crisis.

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    Preface to Dark Victory

    Susan George
    18 July 2005
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    A disastrous script to follow

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    13 September 2007
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    Sbilanciamoci Conference on Common Goods

    Susan George
    31 August 2006