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  1. Investor-state dispute settlement: special rights for investors, serious threat to our climate

    12 November 2015 - Event

    This public event will highlight the risks that provisions negotiated as part of trade agreements – such as ISDS – can pose for governments’ ability to regulate to protect the environment and act on climate change.

  2. Sound the Alarm against TTIP!

    10 October 2015 - Event

    If you were a multinational, which rules would you like to change? The answer will be found in TTIP - a trade agreement between the EU and the USA - in which our rights, our health and our planet are being reduced to 'trade barriers'.

  3. Sla alarm tegen TTIP!

    10 October 2015 - Event

    Welke regels zou je willen veranderen als je een multinational zou zijn? Het antwoord staat in TTIP - een handelsverdrag tussen de EU en de VS - waarin onze rechten, onze gezondheid en onze planeet worden gereduceerd tot 'handelsbelemmeringen'.