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  1. mark-golding

    Summary of Drugs & Democracy Activities, April - June 2015

    15 July 2015

    Drug law reform continues developing in the right direction in several Latin American and Caribbean countries. In Jamaica, for example, a law legalizing the cultivation and consumption of ganja for medicinal, religious and research purposes came into force, as well as the decriminalisation of possession for personal use.  Jamaica also spoke out at the UN Thematic Debate in New York. On May 7th, the minister addressed the UN High Level Thematic Debate on international drug policy, highlighting Jamaica’s perspectives on drug control policies and participating in a debate that encourages open and inclusive discussions. Amongst the outcomes Jamaica would like to see from UNGASS is “the establishment of an Expert Advisory Group to review the UN drug policy control architecture, its system-wide coherence, its treaty inconsistencies and its legal tension with cannabis regulations.”

  2. None but ourselves can 'free' the weed

    Vicki Hanson
    04 July 2015
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    Traditional small ganja farmers in Jamaica, accustomed to clandestinely working their fields, will now have to adhere to strict regulations in order to supply research institutions that have been granted licences.

  3. Companies urged to review drug testing policies to fit with ganja reform

    08 June 2015
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    Justice Minister Mark Golding is advising employers to review their drug-testing policies to fall in line with the new regulations that now govern the use of ganja in Jamaica.

  4. Ganja law needs police support, says Golding

    30 May 2015
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    Minister of Justice Senator Mark Golding, says that the success of recent changes to the Dangerous Drugs Act, accommodating decriminalising possession of small amounts of ganja in Jamaica, will rely on the judgment and discretion of the police.

  5. Jamaica hoping to be world leader in medical marijuana

    15 May 2015
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    The Government intends to make Jamaica a world leader on the medical uses of marijuana. Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell said marijuana is one of the most researched herbs, and evidence is pointing to a number of medical benefits. "There is now convincing data and evidence to support beneficial effects in relation to glaucoma, epilepsy, eating disorders and several more conditions, especially those affecting the nervous system," Paulwell said while handing over a marijuana research licence to the University of Technology (UTech).

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    La despenalización del cannabis comienza a aliviar las tensiones en Jamaica

    10 May 2015
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    La despenalización de la posesión de pequeñas cantidades de marihuana en Jamaica desde mediados de abril se ha traducido en una caída del número de detenciones, según el ministro de Seguridad Nacional de Jamaica, Peter Bunting. En un comunicado, Bunting indicó que por décadas la posesión de ganja, término acuñado por los rastafaris para la planta, había causado "fricción" entre la policía y los residentes.

  7. Revised ganja law fundamental and far reaching — Bunting

    10 May 2015
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    National Security Minister Bunting says amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act, resulting in decriminalisation of specified quantities of ganja, are "most fundamental and far-reaching".

  8. Minister Golding addresses UN Debate on international drug policy

    07 May 2015
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    Senator Mark Golding, minister of justice, participated in a plenary session with several UN member states at the United Nations in a High Level Thematic Debate on International Drug Policy in preparation for the UN General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem (UNGASS) scheduled for April 19-21 2016. Minister Golding highlighted Jamaica’s perspectives called for open and inclusive discussions, including the creation of an expert advisory group to review the United Nations drug policy control architecture.

  9. BSJ developing plan to ensure Jamaica's ganja is protected

    02 May 2015
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    The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), which was mandated to design a regulatory plan for the decriminalised ganja industry, has developed a 17-step scientific footprint proposal.

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    Mirada jamaiquina a despenalización de la marihuana

    27 April 2015

    Mark GoldingLa des­pe­na­li­za­ción de la ma­rihua­na, pro­pues­ta que ha ge­ne­ra­do po­lé­mi­ca en la Is­la, fue uno de los te­mas dis­cu­ti­dos du­ran­te el Diá­lo­go In­for­mal so­bre Po­lí­ti­ca de Dro­gas que tu­vo lu­gar en el Vie­jo San Juan y al que asis­tie­ron re­pre­sen­tan­tes de una do­ce­na de paí­ses de Amé­ri­ca.

  11. US president cautions against hopes of ganja legalisation

    10 April 2015
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    President Barack Obama cautioned persons who have hopes of marijuana being legalised, as he explained the difference between legalisation and decriminalisation.

  12. Canadian company to tap into Jamaica for medicinal cannabis supply

    04 April 2015
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    A Canadian company is seeking to tap into the Jamaican market for the supply of dried marijuana to the medicinal marijuana industry in Canada.

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    Entra en vigor la despenalización de la marihuana en Jamaica

    31 March 2015
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    El gobernador general de Jamaica, Patrick Allen, ratificó la enmienda de ley que despenaliza el consumo de marihuana con fines medicinales y religiosos, con lo que ha entrado en vigor. El Parlamento de Jamaica aprobó a finales de febrero la enmienda a la Ley de Drogas Peligrosas de 1948. Los cambios legislativos estipulan que ya no será delito consumir marihuana en pequeñas cantidades ni portar un máximo de 56 gramos de "ganja", término acuñado por los rastafaris para referirse a la marihuana, aunque la persona que la lleve será multada por una falta administrativa.

  14. Governor General gives assent, 'Ganja law' now in effect

    30 March 2015
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    Governor General Sir Patrick Allen has given his assent to the Bill amending the Dangerous Drugs Act, making possession of two or less ounces of ganja a ticketable offence.

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    Jamaica busca liderar debate mundial sobre despenalización de marihuana

    19 March 2015
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    Jamaica, que recientemente despenalizó el consumo de marihuana para propósitos medicinales y terapéuticos, se propone ahora liderar la discusión a nivel internacional sobre este asunto. "Jamaica tiene la intención de participar y liderar, si es necesario, el proceso en las Naciones Unidas para que los tratados internacionales sean enmendados", expresó el ministro de Industria, Anthony Hylton.

  16. Farmers encouraged to make use of ganja opportunities

    18 March 2015
    Other news

    Small ganja farmers across the island are being encouraged to make use of the opportunities that will be available in the medicinal ganja industry.

  17. Jamaica to lead charge to change int'l treaties on marijuana

    17 March 2015
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    Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Anthony Hylton, says Jamaica intends to lead a charge in the United Nations to effect changes to the international treaties concerning marijuana. The aim is to change the schedule class of marijuana in light of scientific studies that have proven its therapeutic benefits and medicinal value. "Jamaica intends to participate, and to lead, if necessary, a process in the United Nations to have those treaties amended," Hylton said.

  18. Ganja decriminalisation: Three the hard way

    02 March 2015
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    February 24, 2015 was an especially emotional day for three of the stalwarts who have fought for the decriminalisation of ganja.

  19. Lowe wants public sector cooperation on ganja

    28 February 2015
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    Executive Chairman of Medicanja, Dr Henry Lowe, is urging a spirit of cooperation between government ministries and agencies involved in the development of Jamaica's ganja industry, following the passage of the Decriminalisation Bill.