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  1. Unidos y fortalecidos: Luchas y estrategias de los principales afectados por el cambio climático y sus falsas soluciones

    Radio Mundo Real, Transnational Institute
    14 December 2015

    En paralelo a la Cumbre del Clima de París, la movimientos sociales y organizaciones de base se reunieron para compartir estrategias, luchas y alternativas. En este vídeo, cuatro activistas nos explican por qué.

  2. Frontline Communities lead the struggle

    11 December 2015

    Parallel to the climate conference in Paris, social movements and allies within the ‘Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles’ discuss climate justice and real solutions to the climate crisis.

  3. Storify: Wars, Military and Climate

    11 December 2015
  4. Soundcloud: The Secure & the Dispossessed: How the Military and Corporations are shaping a Climate-CHanged World

    Nick Buxton, Ben Hayes
    10 December 2015

    What if government and corporate elites have given up on stopping climate change and prefer to try to manage its consequences instead? In the weeks running up to the major UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21), this event examined issues raised by a new book, 'The Secure and the Dispossessed: How the Military and Corporations are Shaping a Climate-Changed World'

  5. Fisherfolks are Pushing the Solution, Not the Illusion of Blue Carbon

    Riza Damanik
    09 December 2015

    In addition to having a strategic role as a provider of jobs, food needs, and economic sustainability, small-scale fisheries also become an important driver in conserving fish and natural resources through a variety of local knowledge.

  6. Energy Democracy: How can we regain control over our energy system? A question of ownership

    09 December 2015 - Event

    We often use the term "Commons" to explain, that we aim at transforming our societal organization. But which realistic concepts do we have at hand to regain the control over our energy system? We need to ask the question of ownership: Shall the energy system pass into public ownership? Shall we fight for it on all levels, at the municipal, regional and national level?

  7. Convergence assembly: trade, investment, climate change and corporate power

    09 December 2015

    John Hilary, Diana Aguiar and Brid Brennan discuss how we need to move beyond reformist politics in a convergence of citizens, organised citizens, organisations social movements, trade unionists, peasants, women organisations, and indigenous peoples to reclaim sovereignty over the resources of the planet. 

  8. ISDS carve-out: Gus van Harten

    30 November 2015

    Public talk by Professor Gus van Harten, presenting the findings of
    his recent report "An ISDS carve-out to support action on climate

  9. The elephant in Paris – the military and greenhouse gas emissions

    Nick Buxton
    25 November 2015

    There is no shortage of words in the latest negotiating document for the UN climate negotiations taking place in Paris at the end of November – 32,731 words to be precise and counting. Yet strangely there is one word you won’t find: military. It’s a strange omission, given that the US military alone is the single largest user of petroleum in the world and has been the main enforcer of the global oil economy for decades.

  10. Investor-state dispute settlement: special rights for investors, serious threat to our climate

    12 November 2015 - Event

    This public event will highlight the risks that provisions negotiated as part of trade agreements – such as ISDS – can pose for governments’ ability to regulate to protect the environment and act on climate change.

  11. buxton-satd1

    Securing the Climate of Capitalism

    Ben Hayes, Nick Buxton
    04 November 2015

    Ben Hayes and Nick Buxton, editors of the forthcoming book The Secure And The Dispossessed, ask: do we really want the military and corporations to lead on how we deal with the climate crisis?

  12. Diez años después del huracán Katrina: militarización y cambio climático

    Nick Buxton, Ben Hayes
    23 October 2015

    El huracán Katrina marcó un hito al desenmascarar cómo los Estados democráticos empiezan a tratar las crisis sociales y ambientales como una cuestión de seguridad en vez de un asunto de justicia social. Esta visión de la ‘Seguridad Nacional’ domina ahora nuestra respuesta política a los efectos del cambio climático.

  13. The Secure and the Dispossessed

    23 October 2015

    While the world’s scientists and many of its inhabitants despair at the unfolding impacts of climate change, corporate and military leaders see nothing but challenges and opportunities.

  14. El significado, la pertinencia y el alcance de la democracia energética

    Daniel Chavez
    14 October 2015

    ¿Qué aporta el concepto de la democracia energética a la lucha contra el cambio climático y la pobreza energética?

  15. The meaning, relevance and scope of energy democracy

    Daniel Chavez
    09 October 2015

    What does the concept of energy democracy offer to the struggle against climate change and energy poverty?

  16. interview_morales_vs_george

    The threads that move conflicts

    05 October 2015
    In the media

    Cugat TV - The conference of political scientist and honorary president of ATTAC, Susan George, has been the highlight of the day Friday during summer Unipau.

    An interview with Susan George by Sergio Morales.

  17. Susan George: vivir "mejor" con menos energía es posible

    23 August 2015
    In the media

    La informacion - Se puede vivir "mucho mejor" consumiendo menos energía, asegura la ensayista y presidenta de honor de la asociación altermundialista Attac, Susan George, alarmada por los estragos del calentamiento climático.

  18. Thumbnail

    Notas para una economía política de creatividad y solidaridad

    • Hilary Wainwright
    06 January 2015

    ¿Cómo puede la sociedad acercarse a formas de organización económica que colocan en su seno la creatividad humana, lo que incluye una relación respetuosa con la naturaleza?