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  1. Newsletter archives

    01 October 2009

    Archives of TNI's newsletter

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    National Security Archives

    17 November 2005
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    Pinochet Watch archives

    15 June 2006

    Archives of Pinochet Watch, a former electronic news service of the Institute for Policy Studies.

  4. The Letelier archive

    01 June 2016

    On 21 September 1976 Chilean secret service agents set off a car bomb in Washington DC killing TNI's director, Orlando Letelier along with Ronni Moffitt, a fundraiser for the Institute for Policy Studies. Here you will find an overview of dossiers, articles and news related to this brutal assassination, from the steps taken to bring the persons primarily responsible for his assassination to justice, to the The Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards: An award given in honor of our fallen colleagues while celebrating new heroes of the human rights movement from the United States and the Americas.

  5. Jochen Hippler


    Former TNI director (1993-95), Jochen Hippler is a specialist on the Muslim Middle East (mostly Arab countries) and Central Asian politics (mostly Afghanistan and Pakistan)....

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    Afghanistan: Policy Adjustments or Withdrawal?

    Jochen Hippler
    06 November 2008
    This policy paper examines the lessons from and for Afghanistan, arguing for an "overall strategy", a primarily political solution to the conflict, an emphasis on state-building, and addressing the real (and not distorted) linkages between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
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    Violence, Governance and Islam in Pakistan

    Jochen Hippler
    24 September 2008
    In 2007, 3600 people got killed by political violence in Pakistan, compared to 8000 in the Afghan war. What policies are needed that could start to bring stability to its people?
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    World Politics at the Crossroads

    Jochen Hippler, Brigitte Hamm, Dirk Messner, Christoph Weller
    01 March 2002
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    War, Repression, Terrorism

    Jochen Hippler
    13 September 2006
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    Foreign Policy, the Media and Islam

    14 November 2005
  11. People powered movement vs Shell - a century of decolonial contestation

    30 October 2020

    In the context of ongoing court cases brought against Shell in 2020 this exposition explores justice struggles that preceded courtrooms: People Powered Movement from Indonesia to Ogoni Indigenous resistance to Curacao labor struggle and Antiapartheid boycott Shell. Through installations, audio stories, photography and relics of resistance, this exhibition invites visitors to learn about ancestors in resistance and the call for decolonial climate justice.

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    21 September 2006
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    Counterinsurgency and Political Control:

    Jochen Hippler
    01 April 2006
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    Madrassa gegen Musharraf - Machtkampf in Pakistan

    Jochen Hippler
    07 July 2007
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    Arms Trade

    17 November 2005
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    Pax Americana?

    17 November 2005
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    Activities before 2006

    30 November 1999
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    Another World is Possible if ...

    14 November 2005
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    Occupation and Intifada

    13 July 2006
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