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    Resisting Empire

    29 August 2006
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    Energy Alternatives

    18 July 2005
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    In the Media

    18 May 2006
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    Expert Seminar on Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and Financial Regulation

    15 June 2007

    How effective is the Anti Money Laundering (AML) regime that has been built over the past two decades, and the more recent attempts by states and international organisations to control tax evasion, capital flight and curb tax avoidance and harmful tax competition?

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    The United Nations and Harm Reduction Overview and Links

    17 November 2005

    TNI and official links on UN and Harm Reduction

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    For a Sovereign and democratic Honduras!

    02 July 2009
    A permanent International Mission of Solidarity, Observation and Accompaniment is currently in Honduras, in which networks, social movements, NGOs, human rights organizations, political authorities from Europe, US and Latin America are participating.
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    The Debate on Europe

    13 September 2006
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    Climate Negotiations

    24 January 2007
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    Por um modelo público de água

    • Brid Brennan, Olivier Hoedeman, Philipp Terhorst, Satoko Kishimoto, Belén Balanyá
    24 July 2007

    Estão reunidos na obra experiências de resistência contra a privatização e mercantilização e casos exemplares de gestão pública da água.

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    Climate Negotiations

    19 September 2006
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    "Derzeit kann niemand Bhuttos Rolle übernehmen"

    Jochen Hippler, Interview by Sofia T. Jarrin
    02 January 2008
    Der Mord an der Oppositionsführerin Bhutto stürzt Pakistan in eine tiefe Krise. ''In absehbarer Zeit kann niemand Bhuttos Rolle übernehmen'', sagt Politikwissenschaftler Hippler von der Uni Duisburg-Essen im Für Präsident Muscharraf wird die Lage mit Bhuttos Tod noch schwieriger.
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    10 July 2006

    01 August 2006
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    World Water Forum in Istanbul

    01 March 2009
    The corporate-controlled World Water Forum in Istanbul has been marked by repression of protestors, but also strong resistance to pro-privatisation policies from both civil society and some Southern governments.