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    Lucia Goldfarb


    Lucia Goldfarb received an MA in Development Studies with a minor in Environment and Development from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague in 2006. In 2007-2008 she joined TNI as a Next Generation Scholar. Formerly co-coordinator of the CREPE-TNI agrofuels project, Goldfarb regularly consults with TNI's Agrarian Justice team, is a founding member of the Dutch section of the Foodfirst...

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    Michael Shuman


    Michael Shuman works on community-based solutions rooted in local markets, small business and devolution and is the author of the acclaimed Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age....

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    Oscar Reyes


    Oscar Reyes (London, 1977) is part of Carbon Trade Watch, a former project of the Transnational Institute. He is environment editor of Red Pepper magazine, and is co-author of Carbon Trading: how it works and why it fails. From 2005-2008, he was TNI Communications Officer and co-editor of Red Pepper magazine.

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    Tamra Gilbertson


    Tamra Gilbertson is one of the founders of Carbon Trade Watch, a former project of the Transnational Institute (TNI), and co-author of Carbon Trading: How it works and why it fails. She has been active in the project since 2001 and was a founding member of the Durban Group for Climate Justice. She is trained in photography and film-making and was a co-director of The Carbon Connection. She has...

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    Frank Slijper


    Frank Slijper is a policy adviser with Dutch peace organisation PAX and an associate of the Transnational Institute (TNI). Previously he worked as a senior researcher at the Dutch campaign against the arms trade (Campagne tegen Wapenhandel)

  6. Vicki Sentas


    Dr Vicki Sentas is a lecturer in law at the University of New South Wales, Australia and an associate of the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI). Her research has focused on the effects of counter-terrorism on self-determination movements and migrant diasporas....

  7. Gavin Sullivan


    Gavin Sullivan is a solicitor (UK), Doctoral Candidate at the University of Amsterdam and Coordinator of the Transnational Listing Project - a global law clinic providing pro bono representation to people targeted by security lists. His research focuses on global counterterrorism, pre-emptive security and the politics of transnational law. He has worked as a human rights lawyer (in both the UK...

  8. Albert Janssen

    Network System Administrator

    Albert Janssen is the dedicated server sysadmin for TNI since 2007. He's a passionate open source advocate since 1995, and helped TNI to migrate from Microsoft Windows to Linux on the desktops. When he's not behind a computer screen for work he likes to talk to his cat, play chess, work in the garden or meet with friends.

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    Adriana Rossi


    Adriana Rossi coordinates Centro del Sur, the Center for Study and Research on Drugs and Drugs Trafficking of the Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR) in Argentina. She is a contributing member of the Drugs & Democracy team. Rossi also accompanied a bigger TNI team on a mission to Venezuela and has done research for the No Bases network.

  10. Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI)


     SEATINI is an African initiative to strengthen Africa's capacity to take a more effective part in the emerging global trading system and to better manage the process of Globalization. We deal specifically with issues and debates around the World Trade Organisation and Africa's relationships to it.

  11. FoodFirst Information and Action Network


    FIAN is an international human rights organization that has advocated for the realization of the right to food for more than 20 years. FIAN consists of national sections and individual members in over 50 countries around the world. FIAN is a not-for-profit organization without any religious or political affiliation and has consultative status to the United Nations.

  12. Fundación Solón


    The Solon Foundation is a space that aims to question the economic and political system from different perspectives and fronts: art, video, research, promotion of human rights, the rights of women, the struggle against injustice. For just over a decade, the work of the Foundation has focused on amplifying the voices of discriminated and marginalised groups who question huge social inequality...

  13. Colectivo por una Política Integral hacia las Drogas (CUPIHD)


    The Collective for an Integrated Drug Policy AC is an organization of civil society dedicated to research, education, and dissemination action aimed at transforming the culture and drug policy with a focus on risk reduction, multidisciplinary comprehensive, evidence-based, scientific and respect for human rights.

  14. Initiatives in Critical Agrarian Studies (ICAS)


    The Initiatives in Critical Agrarian Studies (ICAS) is a community of like-minded scholars, development practitioners and activists from different parts of the world who are working on agrarian issues. It is based at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, Netherlands.

  15. CENSAT Agua Viva (Friends of the Earth Colombia)


    Asociación Centro Nacional Salud, Ambiente y Trabajo, or CENSAT Agua Viva, was founded in 1989 to preserve the health of the environment and communities, and promote sustainable development in Colombia. The organisation joined FoEI in 1999. CENSAT Agua Viva campaigns include mining, alternative technology and sustainable mining. CENSAT Agua Viva takes part in the following FoEI campaigns and...

  16. Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)


    WOLA is TNI's long standing partner for work in Latin America. TNI been working with WOLA since the start of the programme and are currently working together to organise the informal policy dialogues in Latin America and a project on drug law reform in Latin America.

  17. Camp for Climate Action


    Camp for Climate Action organises camps in the UK that combine education, direct action, sustainable living, and constructing a movement to effectively tackle climate change by both resisting climate crimes and developing sustainable solutions.

  18. Flower seed

    The Cornerhouse


    The Corner House based in the UK produces research which aims to support democratic and community movements for environmental and social justice.

  19. Sinkswatch


    The aim of SinksWatch -coordinated by World Rainforest Movement and FERN- is to track and scrutinize carbon sequestration projects related to the Kyoto Protocol, and to highlight their threats to forests and other ecosystems, to forest peoples as well as to the climate.

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    Biofuelwatch actively supports the campaign for an EU moratorium on agrofuels from large-scale monocultures. Agroenergy monocultures are linked to accelerated climate change, deforestation, the impoverishment and dispossession of local communities, bio-diversity losses, human rights abuses, water and soil degradation, loss of food sovereignty and food security.