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    Cardinal Points - Photo Exhibition

    12 June 2015

    For personal and professional reasons my life revolves around four cardinal points that ultimately are two: the South and the North. The South of Latin America and the North of Europe; Uruguay and the Netherlands; Montevideo and Amsterdam. The South often expands into the East of Asia or the West of Africa, and the North extends to the West of the Americas or the East of the Mediterranean.

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    Multi-media info tour exhibition

    20 March 2007

    The multimedia Info Tour exhibition is a collection of photos and interviews which aim to create space and a voice for people directly effected by the industries, governments, multinationals, IFI's and NGOs.

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    Carbon Trade Watch

    14 November 2005
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    Where the Trees are a Desert

    09 June 2004
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    European Social Forum 3

    05 July 2005
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    Activities before 2006

    30 November 2004
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    28 November-8 December 2005

    21 November 2005
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    Infotour 2004

    18 October 2005
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    28 May 2008
  13. Annual Report 2005

    31 December 2005
    Annual report

    In 2005, TNI had much to celebrate. Europe was a major theme for TNI in 2005, given the constitutional debates and referendums. TNI took this as its theme for the annual fellows meeting, hosted an international seminar on the construction of Europe, and published research on the distorting influence of Europe’s multinational corporations on security policy and sustainable development.

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    The embargo: Nothing succeeds like failure

    Saul Landau
    28 October 2009

    Will Obama have the courage to break with the incongruous Cuba policy he inherited from previous administrations?

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    TNI activities in 2004

    29 August 2006

    TNI activities in 2004

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    'Crisis Must Lead to Greater Voice for Workers'

    Stefania Milan
    01 June 2009
    In the media
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    The Security Olympics

    Oscar Reyes
    01 August 2006