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  1. Fellows

    29 March 2010

    TNI Fellows are internationalist intellectuals with a track record of progressive activist-scholarship and a passionate commitment to social change. They bring TNI vision and new ideas, expertise relevant to current programme, connect TNI to relevant networks and commit themselves to an active role in TNI. TNI Fellowships do not involve any financial remuneration.

  2. Anthony Barnett


    Anthony Barnett was one of the early Fellows of TNI, from 1978 to 1983, working on Vietnam and Cambodia. He left TNI after he wrote Iron Britannia about the Malvinas/Falklands conflict and focussed on UK politics and journalism, writing for the New Statesman and the Guardian. He was the first director of Charter 88 from 1988 to 1995. It called for Britain to embrace a European style codified...

  3. Building post-capitalist futures

    27 November 2018

    Over several sunny days in June 2018, a diverse group of 60 activists and researchers from 30 countries convened for a multi-day meeting to discuss the collective building of post-capitalist futures. The meeting provided the opportunity for a rich exchange of perspectives and experiences, as well as deep discussion and debate. The goal of the meeting was not to achieve consensus both an impossible and unnecessary endeavour but rather to stimulate mutual learning, challenge one another and advance analyses.

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    Mariano Aguirre

    06 June 2005
  5. Mariano Aguirre


    Mariano Aguirre is an independent analyst on international politics. He is an associate fellow of the International Security Program in Chatham House (London) and fellow of the Latin American Network on Sustainable and Inclusive Security of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. He has been Senior Advisor on Peacebuilding at the Office of the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Colombia ...

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    Mariano Aguirre

    Mariano Aguirre
    08 August 2006
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    19 September 2006
  8. Flower seed

    Daniel Aguirre

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    14 August 2006
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    TNI Fellows

    01 August 2006
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    Fellows meeting 2010

    02 June 2010
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    Articles by TNI Fellows

    18 July 2005
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    Articles by TNI Fellows

    30 June 2005
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    Fellows meeting 2008

    19 June 2008
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    Fellows Meeting 2006

    19 June 2006
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    Fellows meeting 2007

    19 June 2007
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    Fellows meeting 2006

    19 June 2006
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    Fellows' Meeting 16-18 May 2003

    14 November 2005