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  1. Asia Europe Peoples Forum (AEPF12)

    28 September 2018

    Join us at the 12th Asia Europe Peoples Forum (AEPF12) in Ghent.

  2. 12 struggles of resistance and hope in 2017

    14 December 2017

    The bad news streaming through our media in 2017 has been relentless. Behind the headlines, though, social movements are on the rise and scoring impressive victories. Here are 12 struggles that inspire us to act in 2018.

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    (Pin) Pointless Propaganda

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    18 July 2005
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    12-19 December 2005

    23 December 2005
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    Ending Plutocracy: A 12-Step Program

    Sarah Anderson, Sam Pizzigati
    16 June 2008
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    The 12 Myths of Annapolis

    Phyllis Bennis
    29 November 2007
  7. 12 Rethinking Shrinking Space Must-Reads

    27 June 2017

    Here are 12 essential reports that shed light on the issue of 'shrinking space' curated by Frank Barat. Sources range from UN rapporteurs and the European Parliament to civil society organisations like the Women Peacemakers Program.

  8. 12 victories of social movements in 2019

    19 December 2019

    In 2019 we saw some of the largest marches ever organised, the demise of decades old dictatorships, global inequality under the spotlight like never before, and a growing demand for fundamental systemic change. Here are twelve movements that inspired us in 2019. 

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    The Pinochet Case

    17 November 2005
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    12 social movement struggles that inspired us in 2016

    28 December 2016

    There is no escaping it. 2016 was a terrible year for anyone concerned with social and environmental justice. Even so, amidst the gloom, there were important struggles and victories by social movements. Here are 12 stories that inspire us to act as we move into 2017.

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  12. September 11th Didn't Change the World. September 12th Did

    Phyllis Bennis
    12 September 2011

    It wasn’t the events of September 11th that changed the world, but the events of September 12th and beyond, when the Bush administration took the world to war in response; that changed the world, and continues to threaten U.S. and global security, and shred U.S. democracy.

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    Light Among Shadows

    05 September 2001

    Light Among Shadows documents a journey from the darkness of tyranny to the dawning of a new era for champions of human rights the world over.

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    The Pinochet Case -

    17 November 2005
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    L'Alchimie de Millau

    Susan George
    01 July 2000
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    In the Media

    17 November 2005
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