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  1. Food shouldn't be a pokerchip

    Sarah Anderson
    15 November 2010

    Excessive speculating makes for yo-yoing corn prices, pushing millions of people into hunger, while big-time gamblers exit in a stampede as soon as the price bubble threatens to pop.

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    Susan George
    05 January 2006
  3. Flower seed

    Richard Falk


    Richard Falk is a former IPS/TNI fellow, an American professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University, writer, and appointee to two United Nations positions on the occupied Palestinian territories. UN Special Rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian territories.

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    Richard Hill

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    Richard Barnet

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    Richard Kamidza

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    Richard Girard

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    Richard Branson

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    Richard Horton

  10. parlamento-portugal

    Dug Policy Profile Portugal

    • Maria Moreira, Brendan Hughes, Claudia Costa Storti, Frank Zobel
    23 June 2011

    This profile describes the national drug policy of Portugal, a policy that has attracted significant attention recently in the media and in policy debates. It considers national strategies and action plans, the legal context within which they operate and the public funds spent, or committed, to resource them. It also describes the political bodies and mechanisms set up to coordinate the response to the multi-faceted problem and the systems of evaluation that may help to improve future policy. The profile puts this information in context by outlining the size, wealth and economic situation of the country as a whole, as well as the historical development of the current policy.


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    Colombia: country profile

    19 September 2006
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    Green Prices

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    The Two Richards

    Peter Weiss
    18 July 2005
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    Not Protesting Enough About Racial Profiling

    Praful Bidwai
    07 September 2006
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    Paying the Price

    Phyllis Bennis
    26 January 2006
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    EU carbon price collapses

    18 April 2013
    In the media

    Yesterday, the European Parliament voted against the backloading proposal which was aimed at increasing the price of carbon permits.

  17. The Saturday interview: Richard Branson

    04 June 2011
    Other news

    "I've seen the war on drugs and I've not been impressed," says Richard Branson. "Thousands of people are being killed in Mexico because of the demand for drugs in America. Whole sections of society are becoming lawless, and most of it is over marijuana." He says it's "incredible" how little the debate has moved on since the 1960s. "It has just got worse and worse and worse."

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    The real price of oil

    Saul Landau
    26 November 2009

    Who deserves responsibility for oil “accidents?” Government, owners, oil companies, the public that uses the product, or the entire system for which oil has become the equivalent of a blood line?