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  2. TNI -Sponsored land grabbing side event at the FAO Food Security World Committee session, Rome 2010

    Jun Borras, Lucia Goldfarb
    03 November 2010

    Leading academics discuss key issues regarding 'the global land grab' and how this is linked critically to official policies, like 'Responsible Agricultural Investment' (RAI), considering how small farmers are being dispossessed and incorporated into the agro-food-feed-fuel complex.

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    TNI in 1974

    17 November 2005
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  6. Photostream: Linking Alternatives 4 - Enlazando Alternativas 4

    21 May 2010

    Photostream from the Linking Alternatives-Enlazando Alternativas Peoples' Summit that took place in Madrid (Spain) from 14 to 18 May 2010.

  7. Link between capitalism and hunger

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    17 March 2011

    Speculation on food commodities causes hunger, despite state regulations; thirty years of liberalization of the food market has resulted in a food crisis on a scale higher than ever.

  8. Re-Asserting Control: Voluntary Return, Restitution and the Right to Land for IDPs and Refugees in Myanmar - cover

    Contact TNI

    17 October 2005

    tel: + 31 20 662 66 08


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    ¡Es la estúpida economía!

    Saul Landau
    06 March 2008
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    TNI News: 2 November 2006

    13 November 2006

    TNI News: 2 November 2006.

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    TNI in 1978

    17 November 2005
    International conference on 'Transnational Corporations held in Amsterdam becomes founding Conference of Transnational Information Exchange (TIE).
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    TNI Fellows

    01 August 2006
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    TNI in 1991

    17 November 2005
    TNIdeas magazine second and third issue published, including critical analysis of the US war on Iraq.
  14. TNI statement

    02 December 2016
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    TNI in 1984

    17 November 2005
    In the frame of TNI's Central America Project, 600 signatures of European politicians and parliamentarians are publicised, expressing a strong disagreement with the Reagan Administration's policy on Nicaragua.
  16. The 2015 General Election in Myanmar: What Now for Ethnic Politics?

    21 December 2015
    Policy briefing

    Although the elections were peaceful, significant conflict continued in parts of the Shan and Kachin states. The expectations on the new government are extraordinarily high and all of the challenges facing the country remain as difficult to address as ever.

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    TNI in the Media

    13 June 2005
  19. TNI-BCN Burma Project: Publications

    20 May 2010

    Publications produced by and related to the TNI-BCN Burma Project