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  1. 1974: TNI Chile Conference

    06 June 1974
  2. TNI in 2014: an interactive account

    11 September 2015
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    TNI in 1994

    17 November 2005
    TNI Fellows' Meeting on alternatives to the Washington Consensus in the Global South.
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    TNI in the Media

    19 July 2006
  5. Friends of TNI

    01 January 2010

    Become a registered Friend of the Transnational Institute

    Governments are increasingly unwilling and unable to invest in organisations that question global systems and challenge the powerful. To retain a loud and independent voice in this environment, we rely on people like you to support our efforts.

    Friends of TNI pledge a regular contribution and thereby help secure a steady source of income for us to continue our vital work.

    As a Friend of TNI you get the choice of these exclusive opt-ins:

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  6. TNI history: 1964-1971

    23 August 2012
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    Articles by TNI Fellows

    18 July 2005
  8. TNI bindt de strijd aan met multinationals

    Tijmen Lucie
    01 August 2014

    Wereldwijd steunt het Trans­national Institute (TNI), gevestigd in Amsterdam, sociale bewegin­gen die strijden tegen de macht van multinationals en voor duurzaamheid, vrede, en recht­vaardigheid. Directeur Fiona Dove: ‘Wij zijn de ideale schakel tussen sociale bewegingen, betrokken wetenschappers en beleidsmakers.’

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    TNI in the Media

    04 September 2006