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  2. Flower seed

    TNI / Food

  3. Flower seed

    TNI statement

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    TNI activities in 2004

    29 August 2006

    TNI activities in 2004

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    TNI Annual Report 2006

    07 June 2007
  6. Re-Asserting Control: Voluntary Return, Restitution and the Right to Land for IDPs and Refugees in Myanmar - cover

    Contact TNI

    17 October 2005

    tel: + 31 20 662 66 08


  7. TNI year by year

    23 August 2000

    Chronology of highlights of TNI's work year by year: click on the date for a full summary.

  8. Happy Birthday TNI

    18 March 2014

    TNI turns 40 in 2014 and has received many birthday wishes from social movements, academics, activists, grassroots community groups, journalists, writers and policy makers. We are proud to have worked alongside them in a struggle for a more just world and deeply touched by their praise for our work.

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    TNI News: 2 November 2006

    13 November 2006

    TNI News: 2 November 2006.

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    TNI activities 2003

    29 January 2004
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    TNI Fellows

    01 August 2006
  13. TNI statement

    02 December 2016
  14. TNI at COP21 - Paris

    12 November 2015

    Many of the TNI staff, researchers and fellows will be in Paris during the 21st Climate Conference. Activities that they will attend or hold themselves will be listed on this page. 

  15. TNI -Sponsored land grabbing side event at the FAO Food Security World Committee session, Rome 2010

    Jun Borras, Lucia Goldfarb
    03 November 2010

    Leading academics discuss key issues regarding 'the global land grab' and how this is linked critically to official policies, like 'Responsible Agricultural Investment' (RAI), considering how small farmers are being dispossessed and incorporated into the agro-food-feed-fuel complex.

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    TNI in 1996

    17 November 2005
    TNI develops work on trade issues, and publishes two books: one on the Non-Proliferation Treaty and one on private foreign aid.
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    TNI in 1981

    17 November 2005
    Conference, organised by TNI fellow Mary Kaldor and TNI associate Dan Smith, with the Appeal for European Nuclear Disarmament (END), where researchers examine proposals for disarmament, non-alignment and new forms of defense.
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    TNI in 1974

    17 November 2005
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    TNI in 1975

    17 November 2005
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    TNI in 1973

    17 November 2005