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  1. Banking on data

    • Sofia Scasserra, Adriana Foronda
    23 November 2022

    This study explores how tax havens have now become the preferred destinations for data storage. It is not a direct or causal relationship, as we shall see, but there is a strong tendency to store this strategic raw material in these havens.

  2. Indonesia’s digital economy commitments in EU and RCEP trade agreements

    • Sofia Scasserra
    04 November 2021

    In recent years, Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) have started to include rules for the digital economy as a result of pressure from Big Tech. These trade measures are potentially damaging to a country’s possibilities of digital industrialisation, permanently locking in advantages for the richest nations. This summary analyses the most important points being negotiated by Indonesia with the European Union and RCEP.

  3. Digital colonialism

    • Sofia Scasserra, Carolina Martínez Elebi
    06 October 2021
    Policy briefing

    The global battle for control of the digital economy is typically portrayed as one fought by only two titans: US and China, but that does not mean that the EU has been standing still. As this briefing documents, the EU has been making strong efforts to catch up using trade negotiations and trade rules to assert its own interests. In the process, the EU is trying to climb up on the backs of the developing countries, undermining the chance for all to equitably share in the benefits of technological development.