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  1. Agroecology and Food Sovereignty in small-scale Fisheries

    05 October 2017

    The importance of Food Sovereignty – as a means, a goal, and a global movement – is long recognized by the WFFP leadership: Food, Sovereignty is a political agenda of small-scale food producers in the defense of our rivers, lakes, oceans and land.

  2. Press Conference on Towards a Health and Human Rights Based Response to Drugs. Photo: The Lawyers Collective

    Interview: Shrinking Space in India

    Frank Barat
    05 October 2017

    Tripti Tandon from The Laywers Collective answers questions from Frank Barat about the clampdown on freedom of speech and the silencing of critical voices in India and how this is connected to shrinking space worldwide.

  3. Thumbnail Cambio Climatico SA

    Las personas seguras, las guerras y los desposeídos

    04 October 2017
    In the media - La política se ha privatizado, se ha rendido a las grandes corporaciones y al complejo militar-industrial, y está abandonando sus objetivos democráticos.

  4. Nieuwe politiek in een onzeker tijdperk: Leren van Spanje

    02 October 2017 - Event

    Sociaaldemocratische en linkse partijen leiden momenteel historische nederlagen terwijl voorstanders van een neoliberaal Europa en rechts-nationalistische uitdagers het publieke debat domineren. In Zuid-Europa dient zich echter een hoopvol alternatief aan.

  5. Nueva Politica en tièmpos inciertos: Aprendizajes de España

    02 October 2017 - Event

    El debate político actual en el norte Europa está dominado por los partidarios de la globalización neoliberal y la derecha autoritaria nacionalista, en este marco socialdemócratas y partidos de izquierda encadenan derrotas históricas. En el sur de Europa, sin embargo, hay una alternativa esperanzadora.

  6. Harvesting Crops Nigeria - image by Yosef Hadar World Bank

    Building Bottom-up Accountability in an Era of Land Grabbing in Sub-Saharan Africa

    01 October 2017
    Policy briefing

    Access to and control over land and associated natural resources play a key role in whether and how rural working people are able to build decent and dignified livelihoods, avoid or escape hunger, participate in decision-making, avoid or escape political exclusion and marginalization, and sustain collective identities and social reproduction processes.

  7. LCC CRSP Mali - photo by Jessica Davis

    Convergence Malienne contre les Accaparements des Terres

    01 October 2017
    Policy briefing

    Depuis la Charte du Mandé, les droits fondamentaux qui sont la Terre, l’Eau pour vivre dans la Dignité et du fruit de son travail n’ont pas trouvé d’écho significatif dans nos textes de lois et encore moins dans leur application.

  8. Harvesting Crops Nigeria - image by Yosef Hadar World Bank

    Bottom Up Accountability and Securing Communal Land Rights in Cross River State

    01 October 2017
    Policy briefing

    Communities in Cross River State, Nigeria are losing access to the forest lands on which they depend for their livelihoods.

  9. Fisherman - by Annette Bouvain

    Building Strong Communities against land and water grabbing

    29 September 2017
    Policy briefing

    Small scale fishers in Uganda continue to struggle for access to the land and water resources on which they depend for their livelihoods, and are increasingly at risk of losing access to these resources entirely.

  10. Edging Forward

    • Jamie Bridge, Martin Jelsma, Tom Blickman, Marie Nougier, Dave Bewley-Taylor, Christopher Hallam
    29 September 2017

    Diplomatic processes at the United Nations are notoriously slow and difficult, perhaps increasingly so in a modern world of multi-polar geopolitics and tensions. This is certainly no different for the highly charged and provocative issue of international drug control.

  11. Using the CFS Tenure Guidelines in struggles for human rights and democratic control of land, fisheries and forests

    • Sofia Monsalve Suárez, Jennifer Franco
    29 September 2017

    Access to and control over land and associated natural resources have long been key determinants shaping rural lives worldwide. Relationships to land, forests, water and aquatic resources influence whether rural working people are able to build decent and dignified livelihoods, avoid or escape hunger, participate in decision-making, avoid or escape political exclusion and marginalization, and sustain collective identities and social reproduction processes.

  12. Wilmar Palm Oil plantations - Image by Rainforest Rescue

    Country Report on Nigeria:

    28 September 2017

    Tension and violent conflicts based on land and forests issues are on the increase in Nigeria.

  13. Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative: Small Grants Winners

    27 September 2017

    The Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI) 2017-2018 Small Grants Competition received more than 400 applications from all over the world. The winners were announced in September 2017.

  14. Country Report on South Africa

    27 September 2017

    This research unpacks the experiences of a small-scale fishing community who face different struggles as a result of governance structures impinging on their fishing rights and food sovereignty.

  15. Country Report on Uganda

    27 September 2017

    Findings reveal that lawlessness (in some cases), ignorance of the law, evictions and unlawful relocations, increasing pressure and conflicts emerging in fishing communities, as well as neighbouring farming communities are all leading to communities losing access to the land and fishing grounds on which they have survived for many years, leading to unemployment and loss of livelihoods among the fisher folks.

  16. Conferencia sobre consecuencias del cultivo de cannabis en Paraguay

    26 September 2017
    In the media

    Agencia de Información Paraguaya - El Centro Cultural de España Juan de Salazar presenta un conversatorio sobre “Las consecuencias del cultivo de cannabis (marihuana) en Paraguay“, organizado el Transnational Institute (TNI).

  17. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on March 15, 2016. Narendra Modi / Flickr

    Hindutva’s Forward March

    Achin Vanaik
    23 September 2017

    This March, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won regional elections in four out of five states, including Uttar Pradesh (UP). This huge prize represents a qualitative advance for the party and the Hindu nationalist Sangh Parivar it represents, giving greater legitimacy to their long-term goal of establishing a Hindu state in all but name.

  18. Reflexiones en torno al concepto de "reducción del espacio de acción de la sociedad civil"

    • Ben Hayes, Frank Barat, Isabelle Geuskens, Nick Buxton, Fiona Dove, Francesco Martone, Hannah Twomey, Semanur Karaman
    22 September 2017

    El activismo individual y colectivo es blanco de una ofensiva global lanzada por Estados, grandes empresas y la derecha extrema. La metáfora de la “reducción del espacio de la sociedad civil organizada” se ha generalizado para hacer referencia a toda una nueva generación de limitaciones impuestas a la lucha política. Sin embargo, es necesario deconstruir esta narrativa y poner al descubierto algunos de los problemas inherentes al concepto.

  19. Myths and risks of the EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement

    • Cecilia Olivet, Pietje Vervest
    21 September 2017
    Policy briefing

    As the signing of the EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) draws near, concerns over the secrecy surrounding the agreement’s negotiations and the risks it poses abound, alongside many myths about its potential benefits.

  20. Persbericht: Voorlopig inwerkingtreding CETA voorbarig

    20 September 2017
    Press release

    Amsterdam, 20 september

    Morgen, donderdag 21 september treedt een deel van het handelsverdrag CETA tussen de EU en Canada vorlopig in werking. Een coalitie van maatschappelijke organisaties- onder andere FNV, Greenpeace, Transnational Institute, Foodwatch en Milieudefensie vindt het onverstandig en voorbarig dat Nederland zich nu al aan deze dael commiteert. Het Europese Hof van Justitie doet nog onderzoek naar het  het investeringsdeel van de deal en in veel landen is het zeer de vraag of zij definitief gaan instemmen met CETA. Als één van de lidstaten 'nee' zegt, vervalt de hele deal alsnog.