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    Dug Policy Profile Portugal

    • Maria Moreira, Brendan Hughes, Claudia Costa Storti, Frank Zobel
    23 June 2011

    dpp-portugalThis profile describes the national drug policy of Portugal, a policy that has attracted significant attention recently in the media and in policy debates. It considers national strategies and action plans, the legal context within which they operate and the public funds spent, or committed, to resource them. It also describes the political bodies and mechanisms set up to coordinate the response to the multi-faceted problem and the systems of evaluation that may help to improve future policy. The profile puts this information in context by outlining the size, wealth and economic situation of the country as a whole, as well as the historical development of the current policy.

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    The Global Commission: breaking the Vienna Consensus

    Martin Jelsma
    07 June 2011

    globcomTNI has been closely involved with the Global Commission on Drug Policy which presented its report in New York on June 2. Some years ago we published a report, entitled Cracks in the Vienna Consensus in which we argued that cracks were appearing in the supposedly universal model under the UN treaty system. In reality, the global system is based on a highly fragile consensus of Vienna, where the UN drug control system is headquartered, and the painstaking negotiations every year to keep up the appearance of unity have become the symbol of paralysis and frustration.

  3. Bolivia Steps Up Campaign at U.N. to Legalise Coca Leaf

    Haider Rizvi
    05 May 2011
    In the media

    Is coca a dangerous drug that should be tightly regulated, or an essential part of Andean indigenous people's cultural and medicinal heritage? Or perhaps both?

  4. Convención de la ONU contra drogas cumple 50 años con un consenso menguante

    Luis Lidón
    29 March 2011
    In the media

    La Convención Única de Naciones Unidas sobre Estupefacientes, piedra angular de la política internacional contra las drogas, cumple este año su 50 aniversario con un número cada vez mayor de países cuestionando de alguna forma su eficacia.

  5. Book Review of “Whose Crisis, Whose Future?” by Susan George

    Claudio Schuftan
    17 March 2011
    In the media
  6. Learning from Disaster? After Sendai

    Richard Falk
    17 March 2011

    Despite a terrible history with nuclear technology, corporate and state actors try to disconnect these mega disasters from the energy industry in order to "normalise" that which continues threatens our very existance.

  7. 'Leyes rígidas no frenan narcotráfico'

    07 March 2011
    In the media

    Según el estudio realizado por TNI/WOLA, el aumento de las penas por delitos de drogas ha empeorado el problema.

  8. WOLA: Ecuador tiene una de las peores leyes de drogas

    Redacción Seguridad
    03 March 2011
    In the media

    La ley es tan incongruente que una persona que porta unos pocos gramos de marihuana puede acabar cumpliendo una sentencia igual que una persona acusada de transportar varios kilos de cocaína.

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    Para no penalizar el cultivo

    01 March 2011
    Other news

    La discusión se abrió ante la detención de dos personas por tener plantas de cannabis. Es que la legislación uruguaya no castiga la tenencia de droga para consumo personal, pero sí el cultivo. “En todo el 2010 hubo 63 incautaciones de plantas de marihuana y ningún procesamiento. En estos dos casos fue la misma jueza (Adriana de Aliz) la que tomó la decisión a partir de una interpretación retorcida de la ley, algo que no hizo ninguno de sus pares”, le dijo a este diario Milton Romani, titular de la Junta de Drogas del gobierno uruguayo, donde ya se discuten iniciativas parlamentarias para permitir el autocultivo.

  10. "Política represiva de lucha contra el narcotráfico fracasó" en el mundo

    Víctor Carrato
    22 February 2011
    In the media

    El secretario general de la Junta Nacional de Drogas (JND), Milton Romani, junto a expertos, participó en una conferencia titulada "Políticas de drogas: debate mundial" con el apoyo de Washington Office on Latin América (WOLA) y de TNI.

  11. Bolivia right to reject Cancun climate farce

    Simon Butler
    03 February 2011
    In the media

    Bolivia alone stood up to the world at December’s UN climate conference in Cancun, Mexico; daring to reject the flawed agreement endorsed by 191 other nations.

  12. Tunisia's Spark and Egypt's Flame: the Middle East is Rising

    Phyllis Bennis
    01 February 2011

    The protesters in Tunisia and Egypt are calling for deep elemental changes in their societies.

  13. Bolivia energises campaign to legalise coca leaf

    Rory Carroll
    21 January 2011
    In the media

    Bolivia and the US are set for more battles over the coca leaf as Evo Morales attempts to overturn the legality of the indigenous plant.

  14. EE.UU. se opondrá a despenalización del masticado de hoja de coca

    20 January 2011
    In the media

    EE.UU. se opondrá esta semana a la petición de Bolivia para que la ONU despenalice la ancestral costumbre de masticar las hojas de coca en los países andinos.

  15. A model country with double standards

    Johan van der Tol
    20 January 2011
    In the media

    The Dutch government oversight on transshipments of arms is not as strict as international rules require.

  16. US objects to Bolivia bid for licit coca-chewing

    Frank Bajak
    20 January 2011
    In the media

    The United States will file a formal objection to Bolivia's proposal to end the ban on coca leaf-chewing specified by a half-century-old U.N. treaty.

  17. Colombia: A successful case for the war on drugs?

    Ricardo Vargas
    17 January 2011

    Is Colombia's narcotrafficking situation comparable to that of Mexico, including the strategies needed to combat it?

  18. Deadly Chile prison fire puts heat on Latin America's crowded jails

    By Steven Bodzin, Sara Miller Llana
    29 December 2010
    In the media

    The Chile fire, started by rioting prisoners, has drawn fresh attention to the poor conditions, lack of guards, and gang violence rampant in Latin American jails.

  19. The significance of Myanmar’s 2010 election

    Trevor Wilson
    29 December 2010
    In the media

    TNI mentioned as background reading material for understanding Burmese elections.

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    The limits of Chinese expansionism

    Shawn W. Crispin
    29 December 2010
    In the media

    China's fast growing capital expansion within South East Asia is raising concerns about landgrabs and exploitative practices, especially as it is often aligned with support for authoritarian regimes such as Burma.