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  1. The colour of money

    Phil Thornton
    01 December 2010
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    Despite a questionable human rights record, foreign governments and companies are investing billions of dollars to get their hands on the country's natural resources

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    El negocio multimillonario de los abogados de arbitraje

    Marco Appel
    19 March 2013
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    Un nuevo reporte pone al descubierto una voraz industria jurídica en auge: las disputas entre inversionistas y Estados, inducidas por los propios abogados de arbitraje que asesoran a ambas partes.

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    Dismantling Transnational Corporations

    Michael Levitin
    02 April 2013
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    One of the most impacting meetings took place Thursday, when more than 100 people filled a lecture hall, organized by the coalition Stop Corporate Impunity, to hear an array of speakers on a panel called “Confronting the Power of Transnational Corporations and Unpacking the Global Investment, Trade and Financial Regimes.”

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    Árbitros Bomberos

    16 April 2013
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    Los litigios iniciados en el Ciadi por multinacionales amparadas en Tratados Bilaterales de Inversión son un negocio fabuloso para grandes estudios internacionales de abogados. La supuesta neutralidad del arbitraje es un mito. Utilizan su poder e influencia para mantener reglas contrarias a los gobiernos y un flujo constante de demandas multimillonarias. Las firmas de abogados globales se dedican a multiplicar arbitrajes contra países.

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    Prospects for Rakhine reconciliation dim

    06 May 2013
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    Public dialogue on the Rohingya issue has become so polarized that “it is hard to say anything and stay neutral,” said Tom Kramer, who runs the Myanmar office of the Transnational Institute [...]

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    Países latinoamericanos discuten la protección a inversores extranjeros

    Alejandro Rebossio
    09 May 2013
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    Los tratados bilaterales de inversiones (TBI), que crean la posibilidad de que las empresas extranjeras litiguen en tribunales internacionales cuando denuncian cualquier forma de presunta expropiación, están siendo cuestionados en Latinoamérica y en otras regiones del mundo.

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    ‘Rule of Law’ Will End Land Grabs in Ethnic Areas, Official Tells Activists

    13 May 2013
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    An advisor to President Thein Sein met with a group of ethnic activists in Naypyidaw on Friday and tried to assuage their concerns over a recent rise in land conflicts in Burma’s ethnic areas.

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    El árbitro que presidió el caso Chevron y Texaco en contra de Ecuador cobró cerca de un millón de dólares

    Santiago Aguilar
    20 May 2013
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    El árbitro que presidió el caso de Chevron y Texaco en contra de Ecuador cobró 939.000 dólares. En otro caso, este mismo árbitro facturó un total de 719 horas a una tarifa de 660 dólares por hora más IVA.

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    Experts warn Myanmar about risks with investment treaties

    31 May 2013
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    International experts have warned that the use of investment treaty ‘Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)’ for attracting foreign investments into Myanmar is risky as it grants the investors the right to initiate dispute settlement proceedings against the government under international laws.

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    In Mexico, guilty till proven innocent

    05 June 2013
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    As the Mexican government has stepped up its efforts to combat drug trafficking, the number of people who have been detained and accused of crimes related to drugs has dramatically increased.

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    Fears over growth in land concessions

    10 June 2013
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    Activists have raised concerns about continued growth in large-scale land concessions to agribusinesses, warning that small-scale landholders are being left without a source of income.

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    La declaración sobre drogas que hace dos años era imposible

    19 June 2013
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    Durante la asamblea de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) que se celebró con el lema “Por una política integral frente al problema mundial de las drogas en las Américas”, se respiraba un clima diferente al que se había advertido en la Cumbre de Cartagena, en abril de 2012.

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    Otra bofetada para que despertemos

    21 June 2013
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    Cuando todos esos expertos y dirigentes de la economía estaban callados, Susan George ya adelantó en su primer El Informe Lugano (Icaria), ¡en 2001!, la crisis que se avecinaba.

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    Rain for Myanmar's peace parade

    27 June 2013
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    A grand ceremony is expected to be held next month in the Myanmar capital of Naypyidaw, where a nationwide ceasefire with various ethnic resistance armies will be announced to an audience of United Nations representatives and other foreign dignitaries.

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    Offshore firms not paying tax share

    05 September 2013
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    A LEADING international political economist has warned that democracy is being damaged by the insidious creep of transnational corporations into government policy and their refusal to adopt country-by-country accounting practices, which have helped them avoid taxes.

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    "Hay una nueva dinámica del narcotráfico que lo hace incontrolable"

    09 December 2013
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    Lo afirmó Ricardo Vargas, sociólogo de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, autor de numerosos trabajos sobre el tema y miembro del Transnational Institute, uno de los más reconocidos think tank del mundo en el estudio de este flagelo. Adelanto de la revista DEF.

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    How the U.S.-EU Trade Deal would Grant Sweeping Corporate Privileges

    14 July 2013
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    The Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) is in trouble. Report after report has indicated that the massive U.S.-EU deal is on shaky ground now that the NSA spying scandal has fueled European privacy concerns and botched the hopes of U.S. telecommunications firms to use the deal to downsize data privacy protections.

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    Trade deal branded 'rule for the corporation by the corporation'

    05 September 2013
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    Susan George chairs the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. She says the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement could give powerful companies the right to challenge domestic laws which restrict their future profits.

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    Burma's Opium Production has hit record levels because Farmers have no Choice

    19 December 2013
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    Opium production in Southeast Asia has hit record levels, thanks in large part to increased poppy cultivation in Burma’s impoverished, war-torn north.