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    Food for Beginners

    • Susan George, Nigel Paige
    13 June 1982

    This is not a cookbook. It contains food for thought - and the recipes of power. Food for Beginners is a disturbing book: the facts are grim, the picture bleak. But the wit, sheer logic and force of this documentary comicbook, point beyond despair to justice.

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    The therapeutic value of coca in contemporary medicine

    • Andrew T. Weil
    01 January 1981

    publicationCoca appears to be a useful treatment for various gastro-intestinal ailments, motion sickness, and laryngeal fatigue. It can be an adjunct in programs of weight reduction and physical fitness and may be a fast-acting antidepressant. It is of value in treating dependence on stronger stimulants.

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  3. How the Other Half Dies

    • Susan George
    09 June 1976

    Hunger is not a scourge but a scandal. This is the premise of Susan George's classic study of world hunger. Re-released in 2009 as free online download.

  4. Informe de la Comisión de Investigación sobre la Hoja de Coca

    01 May 1950

    En 1961 se incluyó la hoja de coca en la Lista I de la Convención Única de Estupefacientes, junto a la cocaína y la heroína. La inclusión ha causado mucho daño en la región andina por lo que se hace imprescindible una corrección para prevenir futuros conflictos, y en respeto a las culturas andino-amazónicas. Las razones que motivaron la inclusión de la hoja de coca en la Convención Única de 1961 se fundamentaron principalmente en un informe de las Naciones Unidas pedido por el representante permanente del Perú y que fue preparado por una comisión que visitó brevemente Bolivia y Perú en 1949. En esta sección usted encontrará el Informe a la Comisión de Estupefacientes y al Consejo Social y Económico de las Naciones Unidas ECOSOC.

  5. Report of the Commission of Enquiry on the Coca Leaf

    01 May 1950

    In 1961 the coca leaf was listed on Schedule I of the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs together with cocaine and heroin. The inclusion of coca has caused much harm to the Andean region and a historical correction is long overdue, for the sake of further conflict prevention and out of respect for the Andean culture. The rationale for including the coca leaf in the 1961 Single Convention is mainly rooted in the Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Coca Leaf from May 1950 The report was requested of the United Nations by the permanent representative of Peru that was prepared by a commission that visited Bolivia and Peru briefly in 1949.