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  1. Susan George

    President of the Board

    Susan George is one of TNI's most renowned people for her long-term and ground-breaking analysis of global issues. "Shadow Sovereigns: How Global Corporations are Seizing Power"  is the newest of her seventeen widely translated books. She describes her work in a cogent way that has come to define TNI: "The job of the responsible social scientist is first to uncover these...

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    Susan George - notice biographique

    01 August 2006

    Cette notice biographique est a jour jusqu'a fin novembre 2008.

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    Informations pratiques

    Susan George
    04 September 2006
  4. A caravan of various security forces cruises through the flooded streets of the 9th Ward distrtict of New Orleans, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    How climate change is being militarised

    17 September 2015
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    Perfect Crimes

    Susan George, Fabrizio Sabelli
    01 February 1995
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    Globalisation from the Middle? Reflections from a Margin

    Peter Waterman
    01 November 2002