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    Useful Narcoterrorism

    01 March 2005
  2. The Double Role of Drug Trafficking in State Terrorism and Militarized Democracy

    Samuel Blixen
    01 April 1997

    The Mexican army, that historically has maintained a stringent "nationalistic" stance towards the United States, now supports a form of militarization that, disguising itself as a "war on drugs", imposes a "democracy of national security".

  3. Argentina: Future Watchdog of the Americas?

    Adriana Rossi
    01 April 1997

    A surprising proposal presented to US President Bill Clinton by Argentine President Saul Menem during a visit in December 1996 to the White House seems to indicate a new role for the armed forces of this Latin American country.

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    Drugs and Afghanistan: Related websites and documents

    Drugs and Democracy
    19 January 2006

    Useful web resources on Drugs and Afghanistan

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