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    Uses and Abuses of African Debt

    Susan George
    01 July 1992
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    Susan George
    05 January 2006
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    Hunger and Debt

    Susan George
    05 January 2006
  4. Movements against Spanish state debt

    30 June 2014

    Since the awakening of the squares in 2011 the political atmosphere in the Spanish state has changed dramatically. “Frustration, despair and fear, instead of being channelled towards the far right, have gone towards the creation of opportunities to meet other people facing similar situations, support each other and resist.”

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    Africa and global finance - potential resistance?

    Patric Bond
    27 October 2008
    In the media
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    Globalisation & Trade

    20 June 2005
  8. Africa and the climate finance controversy

    Patrick Bond
    20 October 2010

    Will Africa end up paying for technologies that commodify life, or demand reparations for ecological damage done by the North?

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    8 June 2006

    14 June 2006
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    Examining relationships between European Union policies and migratory pressures

    Susan George
    24 November 2008
    Instead of relying on the border police, the EU should assess the effects of its own policies on the poor, migrant-sending countries. Unless the policies that perpetuate the conditions for poverty and injustice are changed, the reasons for migration will remain.
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    An Africa Perspective

    Yash Tandon
    01 May 2006
  13. Is Africa still being looted?

    Patrick Bond
    19 August 2010

    African elites, together with the West and now China, are still making Africans progressively poorer, thanks to the extraction of raw materials.

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    TNI in 1992

    17 November 2005
    TNI holds fellows meetings on "Reinventing the Commons" and "Development as Myth".
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    From false to real solutions for climate change

    Patrick Bond
    07 January 2008
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    Angola: The Client Who Came in from the Cold

    David Sogge
    01 October 2000
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    From Focusing on Symptomatic Manifestations

    Dot Keet
    18 July 2005
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    Aid =/= Help

    David Sogge
    01 November 2005
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    Angola: Reinventing Pasts and Futures

    • David Sogge
    07 June 2010

    Today’s political economy in Angola resembles the colonial order of yesterday: a narrow state-based elite manages the economy to promote a development model that redistributes wealth upward and outward.