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    Susan George: Leurs crises, nos solutions

    Susan George
    02 July 2010

    La 'classe de Davos' constitue un monde où la finance détermine l'économique qui détermine le social. Il faut inverser l'ordre des priorités.

  2. Getting Out of the Crisis Together

    23 September 2011 - Event
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    Susan George
    31 January 2006
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    Book presentation

    14 November 2005
  5. The Art of the Possible

    06 May 2010 - Event

    Today, despite a world-wide drug control treaty system and decades of massive investments to attack drug production and curtail supplies and consumption, illicit drug markets and criminal networks are flourishing, threatening public health and safety. The failure of the "war on drugs" is prompting renewed debate and policy innovation in countries across the Americas.

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    El arte de lo posible

    06 May 2010 - Event

    ricardo_soberon-bisA pesar de la existencia de un sistema de tratados de control de drogas a nivel mundial y de décadas de inversiones masivas para atacar la producción de drogas y reducir la oferta y el consumo, hoy los mercados ilícitos de drogas y las redes delictivas siguen floreciendo, amenazando la salud pública y la seguridad. El fracaso de la "guerra contra las drogas" está impulsando un nuevo debate e innovaciones en las políticas en los países del continente americano.

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    Bilan d'un an de crise

    15 September 2009

    Henri Guaino Conseiller spécial du président de la République. Susan George (à 8h40) : Politologue franco-américaine, ancienne vice-présidente d'Attac.

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    Global governance priorities in an interdependent world - balancing the economic and the environmental crisis

    Susan George
    01 March 2010

    The current crisis has exacerbated the effects of neoliberalism and hugely increased inequality, with money going from labour to capital.

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    World Social Forum 3

    04 December 2005
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    Book presentation

    14 November 2005
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    European Union

    23 December 2005
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    From Doha 2001 to Cancún 2003

    18 October 2005
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    Lobbies empresariales y universidad: el rayo que no cesa

    Albert Corominas, Vera Sacristán
    27 April 2009
    In the media

    Susan George y George Lakoff han descrito de forma convincente el proceso por el que el pensamiento neoliberal se ha ido adueñando del panorama cultural y político de los EEUU a través de organizaciones y fundaciones privadas.

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    European Social Forum 3

    05 July 2005
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    The Debate on Europe

    13 September 2006
  16. We the Peoples of Europe

    • Susan George
    11 April 2008

    A more neo-liberal, anti-democratic document than the EU Constitution, rejected by the French and the Dutch may be hard to imagine, but the new reform treaty tries hard. Susan George explains what is at stake for all peoples of Europe, what must we reject and how will such a document affect our lives?

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    Hopes for the European Social Forum

    Susan George
    01 August 2006
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    The Arguments against the G8

    14 July 2005
  19. Winning the class war: a ruling class perspective

    Liam Barrington-Bush
    14 January 2014

    Liam Barrington-Bush reads Susan George’s new book, ‘How to Win the Class War: The Lugano Report II,’ and, while impressed by its breadth of information, is left wondering if more intellectual criticisms of capitalism are going to help us get out of the mess the free market has created.

  20. End the War on Drugs

    02 June 2011

    On June 2, 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy presented its report in New York, calling to break the taboo on debate and reform of international drug control policies. The high-profile panel calls the global war on drugs a failure and recommends a paradigm shift towards harm reduction, decriminalization and legal regulation of cannabis. TNI has been closely involved in the initiative and its Latin American predecessor in an advisory capacity. Martin Jelsma of TNI’s drugs policy programme wrote a background paper for the Commission’s meeting in Geneva earlier this year: The development of international drug control: lessons learned and strategic challenges for the future.