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  1. Architecture of Impunity

    23 January 2015

    Corporate crime is not due to a few´bad apples´ but to an architecture of impunity and a structure of power that puts corporate rights above human rights. An infographic from the State of Power report 2015

  2. Storify: Dismantling the Corporate Architecture of Impunity at the COP21

    11 December 2015

    Why do the acts of Transnational Cooperations (TNCs) that destroy our ecosystems go unpunished? This question is especially relevant in the context of the UN Conference on Climate Change COP 21.

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    Activities 2012 Corporate Power

    31 August 2013

    TNI seeks to expose  corporate abuses, while pointing out the structural reasons why they remain able to operate with impunity.

  4. Annual Report 2012

    24 July 2013
    Annual report

    The theme for TNI's 2012 annual report was 'Ideas in Movement'. This reflects TNI's unique capacity to develop critical analysis that supports and is embedded in the struggles of movements for social and environmental justice.

  5. State of Power 2015

    13 January 2015

    The fourth edition of our annual State of Power report, coinciding with the international meeting in Switzerland of what Susan George calls “the Davos class”. This series seeks to examine different dimensions of power, unmask the key holders of power in our globalised world, and identify sources of transformative counter-power.

  6. Estado del poder 2015

    09 March 2015

    Esta es la cuarta edición de nuestro informe anual Estado del poder, coincidiendo con la cumbre en Suiza de lo que Susan George denomina “la clase de Davos”. Esta recopilación de ensayos persigue analizar las diferentes dimensiones del poder, poner al descubierto a quienes lo ostentan en nuestro mundo globalizado e identificar fuentes de contrapoder transformador.