How to stop the displacement of millions caused by European arms exports

28 September 2021

Our groundbreaking report ‘Smoking Guns’ found that European arms exports have contributed to the displacement of at least 1.1 million people. Our research joined the dots between Europe’s arms exports, forced displacement and migration.

28 September 2021
16.00 CET
In a follow-up event to the report, we invite you to join a discussion with an expert panel on the implications of these alarming findings for European policy: Which steps need to be taken to control arms exports and prevent further displacement?

4pm (CET) - 28 September 2021


  • Dr. Hannah Neumann (MEP, The Greens/European Free Alliance)
  • Catherine Woollard (Director, European Council on Refugees and Exiles)
  • Andrew Feinstein (Author ‘The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade’)
  • Apostolis Fotiadis (Researcher/Co-author 'Smoking Guns' report)
  • Leone Hadavi (OSINT EU Arms Investigator)