Revolutionary rehearsals: Rhythms of resistance in North Africa

24 June 2021

The webinar Revolutionary Rehearsals: Rhythms of Resistance in North Africa took a closer look at Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and Western Sahara with the in-depth expertise of our speakers.

24 June 2021
18:00 CET

You can find the Arabic recording here.

In the last decade, the North African region has witnessed momentous events from social justice struggles and mobilisations to massive uprisings and revolutions. The region is still a cauldron of resistance advancing demands of dignity, bread, social justice, freedom and sovereignty.

this 3rd webinar in the series ‘the Arab uprisings a decade on: Taking stock, Looking forward’, we will cover some of the second wave uprisings (2018-2021) in Algeria and Sudan and highlight some of the social and political struggles in Morocco in the last decade. We will also centre the decolonisation struggle of Western Sahara.


  • Malia Bouattia is an Algerian activist, the former President of the UK National Union of Students, and a co-founder of the Students not Suspects/Educators not Informants Network.

  • Sara Abbas is a Sudanese activist, feminist and political scientist. She is a PhD candidate at the Freie Universität Berlin.

  • Jalihenna Mohamed is a Saharawi activist and campaigner. He is the co-founder of Saharawi Campaign Against the Plunder of Natural Resources (SCAP).

  • Meriam Mabrouk is a Moroccan activist and translator. She is a PhD candidate in Politics at Birkbeck, University of London

Conversation will be moderated by Miriyam Aouragh & Hamza Hamouchene

Co-organised with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – North Africa and Seminar in Marxist Theory Group. In English with Arabic interpretation.