We support the national agriculture strike in Peru and reject the repression of the Peruvian government

06 Marzo 2008
Social and civil society organisations of Enlazando Alternativas*, the Bi-regional Network Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean observe with preocupation the deepening of the neoliberal policies in Peru, denounce the “free trade” policies and search for alternatives for the integration of people. We express the full support of the call and mobilization actions of the Peruvian peasants organizations undertaken via the National Agriculture Strike against the neoliberal policies and Free Trade Agreement with the United States, launched on the 18th of February 2008. The just demands of the peasants and agricultural producers have been rejected by the Peruvian government of Alan García, by applying neoliberal policies, the signing and ratification of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and the “orgy” of other Free Trade Agreements which the government has started to negotiate with other countries. The “Free Trade Model” promoted by the government of Alan García, is a model only to the benefit of the multinational external capital and against the interests of the people of Peru. This model increases the conditions of poverty, misery and social exclusion in the country. We also reject the repression of the Peruvian government against those, who excert their democratic rights of civil protest by participating in the National Agricultural Strike. We denounce the killing of four demonstrators during the mobilisation and the violent repression in Ayacuho with dozens of injured persons. We demand clear answers by the Peruvian government as regards these crimes and an immediate action by the international community to ensure that the responsibles for these events will not remain unpunished and we reject the criminalization of the demonstrators.
Enlazando Alternativas is a network of movements, non governmental organisations and diverse social and political actors in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean which among others work together to strengthen the resistence against neoliberal policies and free trade which governments of both regions are trying to impose on our countries.