European election campaign

11 Mayo 2009
Over the past three decades, the “freedom” of financial actors has been extended at the expense of the huge majority of people. This is also the case for the EU. By exclusively seeking to satisfy the corporate interests, the EU trade policy undermines the living conditions of people both in Europe and in the Global South. Join the European election campaign and ask the EU parliament to act for change.
EU policy is shaped not only by politicians but often strongly influenced by external experts, who are also often representatives of certain interests. The vast majority are business lobbyists or lawyers and other experts on the payroll of big corporations. Privileged access to EU institutions, free trade rules in favour of business interests and unlimited possibilities for financial speculation make the success of social and environmental policies impossible. We need strong Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), ready to fight for the ambitious social and environmental policy targets we know we need. In order to put corporate interests in their place, lobbying transparency and high ethical standards for EU policy makers are essential. Read more at See also the Dutch Ander Europa campaign - Hoezo Europa? (PDF) Krant voor iedereen die zich afvraagt wat we aan moeten met Europa also Campagne rond Europees vrijhandelsbeleid gestart Persbericht, Global Europe? Voor wie?!