Ireland, vote NO for us on 31 May

Sign on statement drafted for the Den Haag action to be handed to the Ambassador
18 Mayo 2012

There is no popular support for EU-driven austerity. It’s up to the Irish people to raise their voice and say NO to permanent austerity.

Europe’s anti-crisis policies are on the wrong track. The Austerity Treaty – or the so called Fiscal Compact – is intended to impose a permanent regime of austerity in all 25 signatory countries. If the Treaty would enter into force, it would form a major obstacle to redistributive, progressive and socially just economic policies in the future. The economic dogma of ever-tighter budgetary rules is both absurd and highly unjust.

There are clear signs that the Austerity Treaty and related economic policies will not bring recovery or create employment, but could lead to an even deeper economic crisis. The Treaty and the economic policy it represents will lead to more inequality, more poverty and disenfranchisement throughout Europe and globally.

The Austerity Treaty is tailored to the needs of big corporations, including financial corporations, and neglects the needs of the majority. It represents the latest attempt to turn economic policy into a technocratic endeavour outside of democratic control, with unelected bureaucrats in a powerful, decision making role.

There is only one valid response to this Treaty: it must be stopped!

People across the EU are now looking at Ireland. Ireland stands as the only country amongst the 25 signatories that will subject the Treaty to a referendum. On 31 May, Irish citizens will have the chance to say NO to permanent austerity by rejecting the Treaty.

Movements like Occupy and the Indignadosas well as recent election results in France, Greece and Germany show that there is no popular support for EU-driven austerity. Now it’s up to the Irish people to raise their voice and say NO to permanent austerity.

Together with many other Europeans outside Ireland, who have all been deprived of a voice on this Treaty, we are putting our hope in the Irish people: do not to give in to threats and intimidation from your government, the EU institutions or others and vote NO for all of us.

Vote NO to the Austerity Treaty, YES to a Europe of the people!