Drugs and Africa: Related websites and documents

17 Noviembre 2005

Useful links on drugs in Africa




  • UNDCP: Drug Nexus in Africa
    The study is meant to serve three purposes. Firstly, it provides a stronger empirical basis on which UNDCP itself can develop and refine its policy and operational involvement in the region. Secondly, it serves as an information resource available to Governments. Thirdly and most importantly, it advances the policy dialogue on the illicit drug problem by highlighting the fact that the drug problem is not a self-contained phenomenon in and of itself, but that illicit activity both originates in, and has an impact upon, the process of human development.
  • OGD: Les drogues en Afrique subsaharienne
    Report on Drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa, by the Geopolitical Drugs Observatory and the UNESCOMost project
    Language: French.
  • Mind-blowing: The cannabis trade in Southern Africa by Peter Gastrow, Institute for Security Studies, October 2003. [PDF document]
  • Cannabis made in Côte d'Ivoire Afrik.com, 11 août 2003.
  • Cannabis in Lesotho: a preliminary survey Laurent Laniel, MOST Discussion Paper No. 34, 1999.

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