The EU Crisis Pocket Guide

2012 edition
06 Noviembre 2012

A useful pocket guide on how a crisis made in Wall Street was made worse by EU policies, how it has enriched the 1% to the detriment of the 99%, and outlining some possible solutions that prioritise people and the environment above corporate profits.


The EU Crisis Pocket Guide has been updated in English (November 2012)

Now also in Italian!

Click here for the Spanish version


  • How a private debt crisis was turned into a public debt crisis and an excuse for austerity
  • The way the rich and bankers benefited while the vast majority lost out
  • The devastating social consequences of austerity
  • The European Union's response to the crisis: more austerity, more privatisation, less democracy
  • Map of resistance across the EU in 2012
  • Ten alternatives put forward by civil society groups to put people and the environment before corporate greed
  • Resources for further information

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Thanks to Susan George, Myriam van der Stichele, Andy Storey for comments and Ricardo Santos for the design.