EU-China Civil Society Forum: Climate Change Conference

28 Junio 2010
De 28 Junio 2010 hasta 30 Junio 2010

The Copenhagen summit highlighted the dilemmas facing negotiators coming from either side of the North-South divide: the question of financial resources and technology to deal with mitigation and adaptation, the issue of developed countries' climate debt, global inequity, and the unsustainable nature of dominating forms of economic development. The EU-China Civil Society Forum aims to strengthen cooperation between the two regions, looking at possibilities, conditions and limitations for European-Chinese civil society cooperation in promoting low carbon economies. It discusses conflicting interests and trade-offs as well as the social implications of transforming growth oriented economies to low carbon economies.

The International Civil Society Conference builds on the June 2009 workshop “Global Concerns Global Cooperation” in Guangzhou. This workshop brought up the strong wish for building European-Chinese civil society networks. The International Civil Society Conference is a step towards the realisation of this wish.

The International Civil Society Conference brings together people from European and Chinese civil society organisations concerned by climate change. In addition, it is open to the public, though places are limited.

Sponsors: Heinrich Boell Foundation, European Climate Foundation, Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (Church Development Service), European Union and Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World).